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written by Trad.a on Apr 09, 2010 15:18
Let it be.
written by Cryoburner on Apr 09, 2010 23:56
That was kind of a short post there. : |

As is this one...

Maybe we should post something else...
written by Mvgulik on Apr 13, 2010 01:44
(The Motivation Problem)
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Apr 14, 2010 19:27
I dreamt of this last night, I didn't know where to post it, but here seems the right place.

All the following is a FAKE review of the FAKE Noctis V teaser trailer that Alex released some days ago.
Watch the video if you didn't already then read my "first impressions".
Noctis V teaser trailer
"The first thing we can appreciate, despite the low resolution, is the presence of increibly varied procedurally generated plants, good looking grass and small trees among other non woody plants.
The initial scene shows us also buildings of some sort, though they do not appear to be ruins at all, as one would expect. Still, this is an in-dev video and the basic models may be lacking characteristics such as randomized parameters, which give a unique aspect to each instance (another example supporting this theory shows up moments later in the video, I'll be back on it in a few lines).
Wind is another feature shown in this firts moments, hopefully there will be difference between strong and light wind, but for now this is already something that brings the Felisian planets alive.

But we have almost no time to stop contemplating the wonderful graphics Alex pulled off, and we're still wondering if the aerie mood of the previous incarnations of Noctis is gone forever, that our good Alex decides to blast our minds with the most shocking of the features: multiplayer.

A creature approcahes the player and a brief interaction follows, before the two separates.
Actually there's not a clear indication that this creature is another PC, but after some thinking I decided that this is indeed the case : )
As I was saying before this is the other example of temporary model used before the final fixes. The model used resembles "too much" a domestic cat...I admit that this is probably the only argument I have, but I thing that it would make no sense to use a cat or cat-like model, even if temporary, for anything but Felisians.
The spirit of Noctis itself also suggests that NPC are very unlikely to ever be implemented (apart from those LI+ saviors), so again I strongly feel that Alex showing us another Felisian met that multiplayer is being successfully implememted.

All the first part shows us details of plants, we get more glimpses of the structures and we see the use of the some of the controls. We'll be able to jump to overcome small obstacles, for instance.

The graphic engine, despite rendering scenes with incredible detail, is still al jerky...I don't know if it was some effect due to the atmosphere of the planet, or conditions of the player....I'm more inclined in believing that it was the graphic engine, but who knows!

Sounds are also in the video, but I really don't know how to express about the quality.
I never had the chance to listen to Noctis II, so I can't make a comparison....but yes you understand where I'm going. It is not farfethced at all saying that even Noctis V will probably be silent, or it will better be if this is the best Alex can do.

The video continues showing us the surroundings in the same sector. This isn't very indicative for how varied the procedural generation algorithm is, in terms of the galaxy, but for a single Felisian planet it's statement of true programming badassery.
We can see just a few mountains or hills, but they look awesome.
The video starts then focusing on one of the buildings, but everything is still obscure. There's even something that looks really like a door, though the player didn't interact with it (or couldn't?).
These buildings seem to be explorable in some measures, by the way.

Towards the end of the video a critter is shown, and it's really like Alex picked up some idea from NICE as I'm sure this creature is a critter0, and it's shoewn walking upright (though we can just see its upper body).

The last seconds are very interesting too, 3rd person view is available and the camera can rotate around your avatar to watch the surroundings.

A very promising video fellow explorers, warm up your vimana engines and wait with us for the final frontier of exploration games."
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