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written by Michaelcw10 on May 24, 2010 22:08
Well my brother was playing Noctis yesterday and I don't know what he did but when I went on Noctis this morning the menu-scrteen thing in my ship keeps flashing. I thought it was just glitching or something and it wouldn't matter, but the game won't let me start the vimana drive or anything! I can't figure out what to do! Please help!

Oh and I use an XP, in case that helps.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on May 24, 2010 22:29
Your "fuel" tank, just ran dry.

You can send an emergency signal, that will bring a NPC stardrifter to lend you some grams of Lithium.

Read the manual about refueling, it most probably lists this eventuality, too.

Oh and welcome.
written by Michaelcw10 on May 24, 2010 22:30
Oh well that explains it XD Thanks
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