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written by Shadowlord on Jun 04, 2010 03:41
Yep. Posting this from a wii. Wii = No programming, no interesting games, etc = Boring.

Edit: And just skip down to find the interesting conversation.
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written by Speeder on Jun 04, 2010 03:58
You can review the entire forum... Ressurect good old threads... Post in the "wathever" or read the Daily Wtf...
written by Cryoburner on Jun 04, 2010 19:00
You could could go outside and play with caterpillars.
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written by Shadowlord on Jun 05, 2010 05:06
Great graphics, boring quests.
ah didn't learn anything!
written by Selbio on Jun 06, 2010 03:26
If you're really desperate to program, you could play with http://forthfreak.net/jsforth80x25.html or http://tryruby.org/. The former will be baffling if you've never written much Forth, but you can store code in cookies on it.

Let me know if there's anything I can run on Indoril to make life a bit less painful. For instance, if http://code.google.com/p/shellinabox/ works in whatever browser the Wii has, you can possibly IRC, code, etc. on Indoril.

EDIT: You have a PM now.
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absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Jun 13, 2010 09:24
The wii erases all its cookies whenever it is shut off (Technically, I mean whenever you press the power button and it goes into wii-connect standby rather than actually powering down.)

Thanks, although I'm now using a (rather bad) laptop part of the time, more often than I use the wii, anyways. 512 MB of RAM seems to be slightly better than the wii's 88, even with overhead from XP. That and it has an actual KEYBOARD (Although you can plug usb keyboards into the wii, I seem to only have lots of ps/2 ones).

Although it is rather unstable (though generally not too bad as long as it doesn't get pushed too much and IE isn't run), slow, and has McAfee on it., which I can't get rid of as it isn't mine.

According to (the trial version of) AnVir task manager, it doesn't seem to take much for things to max out the hard drive read/write capacity, which slows everything else down.

I haven't been using the wii much lately (tl;dr summary: my eyes were hurting after using it for internet, probably because I didn't seem to be blinking much for some reason, which isn't a problem I have with normal computer lcd or crt displays).

On an unrelated note, I've been trying to play daggerfall on this laptop for a couple nights. It runs, but so far playing it has taught me a few things which are puzzling in terms of "Why would they design it like this?" (I hid a positive point in here too):
1. You have to select the ebony dagger during character creation or you will die in the starting dungeon, repeatedly, until you give up and make a new character. (Frakking imps can't even be harmed by normal weapons, and there are THREE of them, one of which is in the room with the exit from the dungeon.)
2. Character creation sometimes does not give you the option of obtaining an ebony dagger, in which case, you're screwed.
3. I tried making a super-mage with 3x INT magicka, and destruction skill, and ended up starting out with a destruction spell which required more magicka than my max magicka pool. None of my starting spells were castable because the casting costs were all too high.
4. The background history it writes up for your character based on your choices in character creation is neat, and it's nice how it's completely different for each new character I make, but I wish morrowind and oblivion had something like that.
5. Whoever made the quests was an evil bastard. I got my first two quests from some merchants at level 2, and one wanted me to go obtain some daedric artifact from some dungeon. I went "Whoa, that sounds a little too hard!" so I decided to go with the second one instead, which just wanted me to go escort this merchant to find some girl and bring them both to a temple, because there were scary people after them. It sounded easy enough. It had me travel to some other village, find the girl in some house full of insane people with blood on the walls, and then escort her (and the merchant who had sent me to find her) to the Temple of Kynareth in some completely different town. To travel between towns I had to fast-travel, since there's no way to walk, ride, or sail manually between them. I had no encounters, battles, or anything up to this point. Followers are just little face pictures attached to your screen, too, rather than actual people following you around, so they aren't getting lost or in your way at all.

Now, I find the temple, step inside, and the merchant that I escorted there tells me "Hurry! Find blah blah blah and he can hopefully help remove the daedric curse from the girl or whatever the hell is going on with this insane quest." I close the dialog, switch my intent to "examine," and hear "HAHAHA!"

Before I can draw my weapon, some kind of warrior comes out of nowhere and cuts me down in one hit.

I reloaded my game, and went back inside the temple, but there wasn't anyone waiting to kill me, so I ran around examining all the Temple guys who were just standing around. Just when I had found the right guy, I heard "HAHAHAHA" again. On the plus side, I reacted fast enough to draw my weapon and take a swing at the enemy before they cut me down that time. (It's not that I was too slow to fight them, it's that they only took one or two hits to kill me, and I couldn't even hit them).

The third time I went inside, I went directly to the guy, talked to him, and got the quest reward (less gold than I got from the starting dungeon). The quest was over, and everyone was all happy! Finally, I could get out of here safely without having to worry about those stupid --

I was three feet from the door when they came through and cut me down.

The next time, I made it out before they came through the door (and amazingly they weren't waiting outside to ambush me).

I've decided I'm (a) not coming back to that temple, and (b) not taking any more quests for a while - If I keep playing. I'm not sure what the point is if I can't actually do any quests. Visit all RIDICULOUSLY HUGE NUMBER towns? Raid the INNUMERABLE DUNGEONS until my character overdoses on gold? (apparently, it has weight, and there are banks which give out letters of credit or somesuch).

P.S. Uriel Septim says "close the marble jaws of Oblivion" in the new-game-movie for Daggerfall, and he isn't talking about oblivion gates, but a dead king who died in battle, who is now haunting Daggerfall city.

(You know, I never would have even tried to type anything anywhere near this long on the wii. And the only reason I dare to on this laptop is because the only thing I have running is chrome, which seems to be remarkably stable)
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written by Starchaser on Jun 15, 2010 10:47
Thread hijacking ahoy.
My router is only letting my PS3 connect meaning it is my only internet AP I have. Could benny maybe get shell in a box running for SC? :3=
hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Jul 27, 2010 01:13
Shadowlord said:
1. You have to select the ebony dagger during character creation or you will die in the starting dungeon, repeatedly, until you give up and make a new character. (Frakking imps can't even be harmed by normal weapons, and there are THREE of them, one of which is in the room with the exit from the dungeon.)
Not so. I've escaped from the starter dungeon with dozens of characters who didn't have the dagger. You mention three imps but you only have to face one. The other two are way out of the way of the exit. And all you have to do is run past it. Don't get the dagger! Get a book instead

Shadowlord said:
To travel between towns I had to fast-travel, since there's no way to walk, ride, or sail manually between them.
Actually you can manually walk between the towns.. It just takes a realistically long time. I've done it before, although I was riding a horse.

Shadowlord said:
P.S. Uriel Septim says "close the marble jaws of Oblivion" in the new-game-movie for Daggerfall, and he isn't talking about oblivion gates, but a dead king who died in battle, who is now haunting Daggerfall city.
Actually he is referring to Oblivion in that movie. You can actually go there in the game. In the third mission in the main-quest you must hand a letter to the Underking. Finding his throne room in his dungeon is tricky and if you take a wrong turn you could find yourself there... I won't spoil it though.

Sorry to nitpick but I hope you give Daggerfall another go. Its a seriously underrated gem. It isn't perfect but if you focus on the positives (and they are numerous) you'll have a good time. Keep digging!
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Aug 03, 2010 00:41
Oh, I kept playing it for quite some time. I met him, or was it the King of Worms (I think it was - I had to deliver a message to him for Morgiah, and bring back his answer), and first took a wrong turn in his dungeon and wandered for a couple hours through the rest of the dungeon.

Eventually one fellow I got a quest from in the mages' guild said "Hey! I'm promoting you now! Now, my apprentice, let me tell you about this wonderful place that I like to go to study..."

I went "ooh, neat, a place to study magic properly? Where I might be trained in how to make the mana costs on my spells decrease so that spells other than 1 duration 1+1/howevermanylevels effect spells are actually castable? That would be nice!

So I go to his great place for studying (whose name was not recorded in my journal or anything), and am immediately attacked by a whole bunch of atronachs (you know, fire atronach, stone atronach, all kinds of atronachs I'd never seen before in any TES game) which are way above my level and nearly kill me. Frakking guild mage tried to assassinate me!

Anyways, I eventually got so frustrated by the ridiculously huge random dungeons with tiny hidden quest objects and short quest time limits, and bugged quests, that I got fed up and quit. That was a little while after my quest log forgot that I had completed the entire quest line involving prince lhotan or whatever his name was down on the southern continent, so that no record of it existed in my journal besides a note that I had met with a representative of the underking or somesuch who had said that he was not involved. It was mostly the dungeons that did it for me, when I had to find one item in a dungeon that takes 6+ hours to clear... It was just stupid. They all looked similar, generic, and maze-like.
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written by Speeder on Aug 03, 2010 01:30
Actually... I too hate the dungeon part of RPGs :/

They usually only bore me, specially because while in there you meet bazillions of cannon fodder, until you are dead (yes, each battle you take one, or no hits, and it takes a negligible amount of HP, but at the end of the dungeon all the battles summed already spent my HP and my stuff to heal)

Reason why I am not into dungeon crawlers (ie: Rogue and all his clones, even the ones with pretty graphics, ie: Diablo series), although I do still play them sometimes (they are sorta amusing)

Right now I am playing Deus Ex, doing a pacifist run (seemly it affects the ending... and the characters on start hated any time I killed someone), dungeon-like places are kinda annoying, to me the coolest parts are puzzles and visiting the "cities" (well... sorta, seemly you visit 3 cities in the game, and also some allied bases)

System Shock 2 I was not much into it, I mean, the game is awesome, I loved it, yet I don't completed it, because the game is pure dungeon crawling...

Also, I am sorta playing Septerra Core, I stopped in one humoungous dungeon, every time I play, I play some hours, yet I only advance a little, specially because of respawning enemies and the ridiculous dungeon size (happily, seemly this is the only humongous dungeon in the game, all others were faster to finish)
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 05, 2010 09:01
That's one reason I like Oblivion - your mana regenerates rapidly, so you can just heal any damage you took with healing spells after you stop fighting (or while you're still fighting!).

In Gothic II, you have to heal after every battle and you can't really use magic to do it because your mana doesn't regenerate (not to mention you won't even have magic to do it with, since you can't get magic until quite some ways into the game - apart from scrolls that get used up when you cast spells from them). Instead you collect herbs, food, and potions, and eat them to regain health (or mana) after battles. When you have 70 fried meat, it can take a while to use them all up, but it also takes a few minutes to fry up 70 raw meat.

In Deus Ex, I tend to sneak up behind enemies and then knock them out with a baton hit to their lower back (low-tech weapons may need to be upgraded slightly first). The stun prod is useless (the baton doesn't use ammo, after all) except for this one part of the game where you end up in VersaTech HQ and find MIBs standing in the corners of rooms, who you can't get behind to knock out with the baton, so you have to prod them 6 times or so instead if you want to just knock them out without alerting anyone else (they're much tougher than normals).

I'd say that Daggerfall's dungeons were just about the worst dungeons I'd ever experienced. Oblivion's tend to be sensible and explorable, and fairly interesting. Gothic II, the amount I'd seen, was almost all large outdoors areas, cities, towns, farms, and only a few caves with passageways in them..(I didn't enter the valley of mines, though, I never managed to level up to the point where I could kill orcs; only got up to level 8 and they were still killing me, and all the monsters were replaced by ones too high-level for me; presumably I should have killed EVERYTHING in the first chapter, but I was doing what the NPCs said to do instead of killing $all_monsters first, which caused everything to respawn as tougher NPCs and chapter 2 to begin before I had gained all the possible XP in chapter 1),
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Aug 05, 2010 17:09
Hum... Deus Ex last half is dungeon crawling too You move from a sewer, to a cathedral, to a taken-over base, to shoreline base, a underwater base, then a missile silo, then Area 51. :/

Also, the prod is useless early because it take FOREVER to find ammo :/ But yes, when I found MIBs it was incredibly useful, I've got a MASTER at low-tech weapons (becase I knew I would need it for a pacifist run) and I can knock MiBs with one hit using the prod... But not always :/

Seemly it is random (I tried saving and reloading several times and trying hitting with the prod on the same spot on the same MiB) but sometimes it works, sometimes it don't work... The times it don't work are usually fatal anyway (because it may draw a energy sword and decapitate me...)

The most dangerous enemies proved to be: The commando (I gave up in not killing them, unless I deliver two pistol headshots I am dead-meat when facing them), the small spiders (specially because the level designers tend to make traps with those spiders, like putting one in the side of a ladder), mostly because they drain the bioenergy, cause lots of leg damage, and I cannot use my sword on them (Because they explode), and the big animal thing, that trample (and give a hell lot of damage) and then bite (giving another hell lot of damage and killing me, even if I was 100%), and withstand some direct hits with the energy sword... (I still don't found what weapon kill it fast, aside from explosions)

My current weaponry: A baton, a stunprod, a crossbow (with bazillions of poison darts, that I bought with that dude in france catacombs), a pistol (that I use to kill monsters), a rocketlauncher (to kill big mechs), and the assault rifle (as grenade launcher, to kill those spiders)

Originally I had a sniper rifle, but I ended using it only as scope, since I never hit, and it was a pacifist run anyway... LAAATE in the game (inside the last room of the ocean lab) I switched it for a assault rifle, because I was getting annoying in having to kill the spiders with rockets (that make you move slow) or lams (that are rare, hard to aim and sometimes are overly violent and damage me)

All bosses (Walter, Anna... the german dude) I tried to not use cheap tactics against them, but they quickly killed me, so all them I blew up... before they could even react (Anna was hard, because she would shoot back while the missile was travelling), the german guy I knew where he was, and I climbed above him and shot downward with the missile, the Walter, I saw him inside a building, and I shot a missile inside.

I tought that Walter would survive, but it did not, I reloaded and tried to kill it in other ways, to find that he had the most annoying weapon ever (the plasma rifle, that make the screen become white, EVEN IN THE GODAMN MENUs!!!)

Walter I ended resorting to my original tactic (exploding him from afar) plainly because of how annoying was fight his headache inducing weapon, as my bedroom looked like a disco because of the monitor flashing
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written by Albeyamakiir on Aug 07, 2010 03:59
I think the random one-hit thing may be because the game rolls a die for damage and such, like other role-playing games.

This is a complete guess, though...
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Aug 07, 2010 04:17
Yep.... RPGs sometimes may give us surprising twists...

Also in Deus Ex, there was a monster hidden in a room, I saw it, and threw a grenade inside...

The explosion not only destroyed all the contents of the room, but on the buggy engine that does not detect boundaries properly sometimes, it destroyed all the contents of a room on a floor below.

Yet, I rushed inside, only to meet with the monster, nearly unscathed, and really mad at me...

Or a totally accidental kill (remember: I was aiming for a pacifist run, so I had to reload), the grenade somehow killed a random person a good distance away... I even got shouted at (it was on the start of the game, the victim was a hostage that I was supposed to save... yep, blowing up the hostage you are saving is something that your bosses don't like )
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 18, 2010 01:24
Off-topic (Heh): I have a new computer now

For the commandos, I usually take them out with a baton if I can sneak up on them (That works, right? It's been a while. You can't knock out the armored templars in Invisible War, on the other hand - they just explode in your face.)

If I can't sneak up on them, ballistic protection and the aggressive defense system (the aug that blows up their rockets when they fire them at you). Those both help a lot against those guys (upgrade ADS enough and it may kill them for you if they try to fire rockets at you).

The spiders weren't that much of a problem to me, since I carried around emp grenades and LAMs, as well as an assault rifle (for the HE cartridge). I used the HE to take out pesky bots. In some runs I brought a GEP gun as well, but I'd usually toss it if I'm getting low on space and had plenty of HE ammo still.

Those big animals you're referring to (Karkians), I usually shoot with a couple tranqs and run like hell, or turn on ballistic protection and combat strength and attack them with the dragon's tooth sword if they catch me. (I max out the the Ballistic protection aug as early as possible - it protects against bladed weapons and karkian bites, in addition to bullets)

I never had to fight Anna: I went in Lebedev's cabin, locked the door behind myself (after all, I had the only key, and the door wasn't lockpickable), and planted a LAM on the door for good measure. Naturally, Anna somehow unlocked and opened the door and tried to stroll right in. BEEP BEEP BEEP BOOM. "Jesus Christ JC, that was Agent Navarre!" Was it? I couldn't tell from what was left. Somebody shouldn't have been cheating or my cheat-detecting LAM wouldn't have whacked them!

I tried fighting her too, but that never went well.

As for Gunther, I used his kill-phrase.

As for Walton Simons, ah, he was the fun one. I completely ignored his plasma rifle fire, pulled out my dragon's tooth sword, walked up to him, and attacked him with it. Naturally, he had one of his own, and managing to not get killed by it was a bit of a trick, even with ballistic resist turned on (and he had his own turned on, presumably, because I wasn't instakilling him with mine) - but after a few seconds, he was dead, cut down with a dragon's tooth sword. Absolutely the most wonderful way to kill him. (I went into that fight with maxed out energy shield and ballistic protection.)

You know there are binoculars you could use as a scope instead, right? I never used them, though.
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