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written by Speeder on Aug 18, 2010 02:39
I had binoculars, but I dumped them when I though:

"ooh, I can keep the rifle, use as scope, and also shoot people!"

Only to find LAAAATER that it had two flaws:

First, I cannot "not kill" people with the rifle (I tried even shooting several times in the hand, the most silly that this looks, it still kill people), and second, without rifle skill (I finished the game with it still untrained) it sucked, as the aim waved around like hell (the training where this was supposed to be taught, I shoot the first target as soon as I pulled the scope, because it was already aligned by luck... so I only understood this training when I got screwed-up in game, when I tried to kill a annoying commando in Paris)

Yep, commandos I usually knocked them out too, but when combat was inevitable, I went to run from the (to force them shoot rockets, that I could dodge easily) and go for headshots (yep, playing too much Unreal Tournament or Quake Arena results in that)

I HATED being shot with assault rifle close range by bots or commandos, usually because they can headshot, and kill you in less than one second, even with the puny damage that the assault rifle gives (I think that the pistol has more damage per second than the assault rifle actually... unless you score several headshots with the assault rifle, something possible only for AIs...)

Btw: Later I found that I was supposed to fight Simmons on the underwater level, but I skipped him by accident (the radio said: "Go fast, because there is a ambush!" I BLAZED by the level that I had already in my head, and ended skipping Simmons Since I know that he tracks you when you enter a room, probably he followed me around and I still could open the sub bay doors, jump on the water and get to a sub before he caught me)

I never upped ballistic resist too much, because my idea was avoid combat completly... That is, until I got into the end of the game and realized that this decision was poor... But since I was aiming for pacifist anyway, I started to up cloacking and the power that make other powers cheaper, and ignore everyone and just go around pressing the buttons that objectives required... Except when finding damn bots, then I had to pull missiles, or later the assault rifle with HE shells, or LAMs (those I avoided using, I liked to make other stuff with them).

Also, I until late in the game I realized that Anna could be killed by a single LAM, because for some bad luck, I tried SEVERAL times kill her with LAMs and failed (I even set up SEVERAL LAMs on the Lebedev plane... I guess that I had to place it on the door, to achieve the highest damage...)

Also for some reason, the casino cops on HK hate me, after the club get attacked, any time I went to that map, SEVERAL aggro cops chased me around... In the end I had to knock all them out... (then I decided to rob that store, but I don't needed to break inside, for some other bizarre reason, a female NPC started to follow me, and say some silly phrase that sounded like "Not Want" and she broke the glass herself as I tried to lose her by bugging her pathfinding...)
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Aug 18, 2010 03:45
Btw: NPCs pathfinding, probably to avoid bugs, IGNORE any obstacle...

This mean: They can open unlocked doors (without unlocking them! Meaning that if they close the door you will have to unlock it yourself), and if that fail, they can destroy any destroyable object...

The first time I saw it happen in a sorta funny way, was a cramped room full of footlockers, I saw a NPC open a unlocked door, EXPLODE the footlockers (when a NPC step on a footlocker its door explode in millions of wood particles, even when it is made of metal).

Later I found that if I provoked NPCs, they could clear any obstable I wanted, opening doors, destroying glass and any other object (even ones that need several explosives), and so on... All this ON CONTACT (so if a NPC accidentally trip on a glass pane, locker, footlocker, crate, barrel, or any other object that can be destroyed, the object will be destroyed, usually in a spetacular fashion, like if you exploded it with a couple of LAMs)
written by Buuks on Aug 18, 2010 17:28
I bought Deus Ex when it came out as a GOTY.
I played through the tutorial, and like everything about it. But I never went further that the entrance of the sewer.
I am bad at stealth games.
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Aug 18, 2010 20:22
Buuks said:
I am bad at stealth games.
So why not completely ignore stealth and go in shotguns blazing?

You do realize Deus Ex allows that, right?
written by Buuks on Aug 18, 2010 21:40
Megagun said:
Buuks said:
I am bad at stealth games.
So why not completely ignore stealth and go in shotguns blazing?

You do realize Deus Ex allows that, right?
I think I knew, Can't remember if I have a gun at the start. Maybe I will give it another try once I get bored with Starcraft (and Mafia II after that)
written by Cryoburner on Aug 18, 2010 22:37
So, what are everyone's thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution? It's set to come out in another six months or so, and it seems worth keeping an eye on.

It's apparently a prequel to Deus Ex, taking place 25 years prior, before nanotech was developed and when robotic augmentations were in use. You can find a couple trailers for it here and here, as well as an interview with the game's director. I think it looks rather cool, though it's difficult to say what gameplay will be like at this point. I like the art style though. It's a bit like Ghost in the Shell meets Blade Runner. : )
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written by Shadowlord on Aug 19, 2010 04:02
I intend to wait and see how it actually turns out. The constant flipping between first and third person every time you do certain actions (like a takedown) seems incredibly annoying right now. I'd rather have a fully third-person shooter.

That, and the takedowns using bioelectric energy, are another thing that bother me. In all likelihood I'll just be clubbing the enemies rather than using takedowns, since what's the point of using your energy and going into a mini-cutscene when you can just manually knock them out yourself for free the good old way (assuming it still works)?

On the plus side, they plan to have an actual inventory like the original Deus Ex.

So, yeah. It sounds promising, with a few things that sound a bit worrisome right now. I'll be waiting to see how it is.
written by Cryoburner on Aug 19, 2010 18:27
I watched the leaked E3 gameplay video, and I see what you mean. The view switched to third person every time they performed a takedown or used stealth cover movement. It also changed while talking to one guy, but not when talking to another, and there was a cutscene with the camera jumping around in typical cutscene fashion. I would have preferred it to stick to first person view, at least outside cutscenes. It would be nice if they provided an option to stay in either first or third person view all the time, and to be able to swap views when desired.

Aside from the annoying view changes, the game looked quite good though, and the presenter's comments made it sound fairly open, with multiple ways to approach situations. Of course I'll wait to see the reviews first though, as with any game. : )
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written by Albeyamakiir on Aug 20, 2010 12:55
I want to know if you can play a pacifist. Not that I ever bother, but I want the option in case I want to feel elitist.

Also, Square-Enix? I guess it's a good name to have on an RPG, but this kind of RPG?
written by Cryoburner on Aug 20, 2010 15:50
According to the presenter in the leaked gameplay video, you can supposedly use non-lethal attacks and stealth to get through the game...

Presenter said:
I want to say at this point that you can play an entire game without killing anybody...
...All of those takedowns can be done in a way where it just stuns the enemies."

Square Enix bought Eidos last year, so games from Eidos studios will be published under the Square Enix name.

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written by Speeder on Aug 20, 2010 20:46
Btw: The first Deus Ex, was published by Square-Enix too...

Actually, it is no accident that Square-Enix bought Eidos, the two already worked with each other since a long time ago, Square-Enix published all Eidos RPGs when Eidos could not publish there, and likewise, Eidos published all Square-Enix RPGs where Square itself could not...

So the NA version of Final Fantasy 8, start with a Eidos logo, and the JP and some of EU versions of Deus Ex, start with Square-Enix logo, and so on...

For the people that were not fan of both square and eidos, square buying eidos was surprising, but for those that was used to seeing the logos of the two companies in the same games since the PS1 era, it was maybe even expected.
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