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r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 07, 2010 14:46
It's already several weeks that I started hinting at a new update, now let's do it.

As usual, this is just notice mostly for residents:
I'm giving you a couple of weeks to submit your outboxes.

"New users", there's no need to rush in your discoveries. Keep an eye on this thread and submit your outbox when I announce that the time is done (again, a couple of weeks, maybe some days longer).

Please try to submit a single outbox, it's not a mandatory thing, but you'll be making my job a lot easier this way.
Also as a reminder for newbies, and this is very important: NEVER use the inbox module out of its intended use.
Use it only with an official inbox.zip provided by me and when you actually need to update your starmap. Otherwise you won't be able to share what you discovered in that period of time, anymore.

[Walreis if you happen to come here again, see if you can submit an updated outbox. The ones I have were from a corrupted StarMap and I helped you out fixing it explicitly so you could send a "complete" outbox]
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 22, 2010 20:01
Ok, time's up.
The only person who seem to be worth reminding of uploading his outbox is Faust who may have done additional exploration after having sent his first one.

Expect the update for the next days, most likely during the weekend.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 29, 2010 17:19
Sorry to keep you waiting, but the INBOX module does not import about 200 GUIDE comments and I have to figure out what is happening, though I'm running out of time today.

I need to try with inbox32 and see what happens, hopefully the report there should tell me something.

By the way, this update will contain 285 new labels, which is a more encouraging number than expected.

It seems that most of the missing notes were by 4616599 and that they were already in the guide.
A few others are from some users that have been using a corrupted StarMap.
In short, everything seems to be OK. Have a little more patience while I make some more controls.

Apologies for the delay,
Felisian Navy, Department of Astrocartography.
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going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Jun 30, 2010 22:18
unsolicited comment from an "innocent bystander":

As my three cells recall, using the CLEAN module after installing a new Inbox might have removed the "dust hoppers" from 4.6m's records before he started commenting for his new Outbox. Or am I a complete jackass?


All kidding aside, it is just a suggestion...based on personal habit.

r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jul 01, 2010 16:39
I reduced the size of the Inbox file while maintaing the same exact results in terms of GUIDE notes imported.

I redirect all of you explorers to the official Noctis thread for download links and instructions.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jul 05, 2010 14:03
The new labels and notes have been imported into GOES Extended Network.

Have the usual patience for the Starmap2 and updated Parsis coordinates on GOESXNET.
Help from people who can keep their PC on for several days is always welcome.
written by Silvercoon on Dec 01, 2010 01:06
Is there a way to print the starmap list to a text file?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 01, 2010 01:54
Ehm, what for?

You can use the SL module with no parameters, though it will list only the stars and not the full starmap.
The GOESFILE.TXT file in your data directory will have the full output (if I'm not mistaken) of the last command executed, not just what you see in the output window.

I suggest you to have a look at GOESXNET (link is in my previous message), for all your out-of-the-stardrifter operations.

On another note:
reading my previous message I realize I also never announced that the starmap2 has been updated several months ago, and that this version is almost 'complete', lacking the coordinates of only 15 systems!
cd/zips/Neuzd/starmap2 (467 Kb)
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 01, 2010 02:25
Also, for those not knowing. Alex took the most recent inbox and combined it with the zip for Noctis IV, so anyone who is new and downloads NIV, they'll have a relatively up to date version of the starmap. Not counting what Neuzd just uploaded of course.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 01, 2010 02:45
I'm afraid you got a little confused RJ.
This thread is about the last starmap update, but it's still the July one, Silvercoon simply posted in an 'old' thread.

The Noctis IV archive IS fully updated, and I also already edited the message in the Noctis home page stating that those who have just downloaded Noctis are owning up to date Starmap and Guide.
written by Raptorjedi on Dec 01, 2010 03:29
Oh. Well I don't play anymore, so how am I supposed to know? :3=
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Dec 01, 2010 08:55
The goesfile.txt output is somewhat mangled, at least for me. I'd suggest a tool called Noctibox, which is listed among the Noctis companion programs, page 3 of Noctis IV section.

Download Noctibox, extract it to the Data directory. Now, if you want to get a nice list of all stars in a .txt file, enter the Command Prompt, go into the Data directory and type the following:

noctibox 0 list stars >stars.txt

0 means the program will use Starmap and Guide files found in the same directory. List is self-explanatory. Stars is a parameter of the list command and can be changed to something else, like S06 or planets. And >stars.txt means that the output will be saved in a file called stars.txt

Of course, GOESXNET is easier to use and has data which you're not going to get with Noctibox.
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Dec 01, 2010 21:57
I loved Noctibox, but had a bit of a problem running it with later starmaps- pre-WINXP- and assumed it could not handle the information overload, either that or the Perl that was used for it was not working with my computer.

Of course, if you have to know, the print as text was my suggestion to Zebu right after he created Noctibox.

r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 02, 2010 01:12
I tried Noctibox out of curiosity, to see if effectively it had problems with the large starmaps of modern times, but it doesn't.
It seems to work quite well for me.
Being on mac I tried directly the perl script, I don't know if the exe behaves differently.

....anyway, it has a problem common to *almost* any tool out there: it doesn't handle duplicate names.
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