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written by Championhyena on Jun 28, 2010 04:31
Hi, guys. Trying Noctis out for the first time (yes, I know, I'm late to the party) and now that I've come to grips with the controls, I adore exploring the galaxy.

I'm a little worried that my planets may not look quite right, however. I'm running NIVPlus (the NICE thread referred me to it) under Vista, which does not play nice with GO!.exe (something about the system not supporting fullscreen mode). As a result, I've been forced to run it in DOSBox, though it seems to run fine thanks in large part to Batmanifestdestiny's instructions. My problem is what it looks like:


This is Terndyta, a moon in the Moa system. I followed the Parsis coordinates from Neuzd's blog, wanting to see the interesting places he'd pointed out. However, I'm definitely not seeing what he saw. The sky, as far as I know, is supposed to be fairly dark, but for me it appears pitch black! Moreover, the ground is so dark as to barely be perceptible, and the foliage is a bright neon green. If I get high enough with the jetpack, a purple(!) horizon appears past which I cannot progress (I assume it's the end of the planet's area? Am I supposed to be able to loop around all the way?)

I've had other planets appear strangely, too. Atriga Komanjul in S'R Qiaa looks gorgeous in Neuzd'd blog, but when I arrived, not only was everything rather barren and dark, but there was a strange teal plane cutting through the lower half of my view. Hills would seem to rise and fall over and under it as I changed elevation. Sorry I didn't get a picture of this (though I suppose I could go back), but it seems to me that this is NOT what it's supposed to look like.

Please help: is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a setting I need to change? Is this a DOSBox problem? A Vista problem? A NIVPlus problem? Should I try a virtual machine? Any advice you can give would be tremendously appreciated.
written by Faust on Jun 28, 2010 07:52
I think there's NOTHING You are doing wrong!
First of all, You should double-check, that the coordinates You land on are the exact same as provided in the blog/picture! And I'm talking about the landing coordinates, because if You pay attention, You can see, that the surface of the planet is divided into small squares [When You land, this square patch of land is the area to explore! It's that small due to DOS technical restrictions!] and almost every one of these squares is different. They can look completely different, even if they are next to each other! Usually, barren lands can be found near the equator, mountains are scattered all over the planet and there are even Arctic areas too, near the poles! The dark areas are the water masses and the light ones- clouds! The big whirlpools on the Felisian [Planets that contain some lifeforms!] are storms! You should have no problem identifying these from space, before landing on the planet!

As for the dark sky- the planets and moons in Noctis have their day and night cycle too, the length of which depends on the position of the stellar object. Maybe the explanation to the fact, that You saw completely dark sky is quite simple- it was night when You landed on this planet! When You enter the landing coordinates using the cursor keys, You can pay attention to the stellar object itself, because the huge cross shows the coordinates on the planet/moon itself, thus it is easy to say whether You are landing on the day or the night-side!

All in all, Welcome to our community Championhyena! It is always nice to see new explorers!
Have fun and enjoy the journey through the Noctis galaxy!
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 28, 2010 13:58
First things first: a personal message for both of you: if you want to submit your outboxes I'm waiting tomorrow to update the StarMap.

It's cool to know that there's someone going exploring after following your tracks.
: )

The differences you are encountering are of different nature by the way, and I was afraid this day would have come eventually, when I seriously regret to have my Space Memories website filled with screenshots from NICE

Anyway, the log about Terndyta is 100% NoctisIV, so in that case the differences you see are due only to where/when you landed on the planet.
As from what I can tell by combining my shots and this one of yours, I'd say that Terndyta has mostly rough terrain and that plants grow only near the sea. The appearance of the planet may vary a lot from coasts to inland for this very reason, I think this is what you were experiencing on that moon.

For the other system you tried exploring, I'm sorry you won't find that kind of forests and peculiar trees because I wrote that log while I was playing NICE.
A lot of the aspect of the planet though is alike, and the variety of the terrain colours should be similar.
In fact, when you describe that "strange teal plane", I think you landed on a sector with transparent terrain, and what you see is the "sea" that always surrounds the sectors.
If my two photographs on transparent terrain did not show the "teal plane" it's because I pointed the camera upwards, explicitly to avoid to have it shown on my shot.

All is well, don't worry.
I'm just sorry that my logs tricked you in seeing things that are not there....those were my first times in Noctis and I had still to fit into the community.
I'm going off track now, the fact is that I don't know exactly what to do with that website, it's also full of wrong intuitions and incorrect statements, but I can't simply delete it, I like it very much in a kind of romantic way : )
From my website you can still visit Haderdh in the Brydee system. That was on NoctisIV as well, I believe. Almost everything else will look different.

Ok, I think that's all for now, welcome to the community.
written by 4616599 on Jun 28, 2010 14:07
EDIT: Seems like neuzd beat me to replying this time!

Greetings Championhyena! Another new explorer!

Well, I don't think there's anything wrong.There is only one known way to enter a different area of space/parallel galaxy in NoctisIV, and no, I don't think it's DOSBox (which reminds me that I really should try it some day, with my Noctis copy hitting a blinding 2 FPS on this machine...)
You see, if I remember correctly neuzd started of with NICE. NICE has tools that greatly seek to ruin enhance the charting experience, but also comes with different planet surfaces as a side effect of additional planet exploitation. Simply put, planet surfaces between the two versions are different. That's all.

I'm not too sure about the moving hills and stuff(I very strongly suspect it could just be translucent terrain though- some planets do have these, and depending on the planet type they can be quite scenic), but about the bit where you cannot progress, it's likely to do with what some call 'The Leash'. You are somewhat correct in your statement- except that the invisible barrier appears at the end of the current landing sector, not the planet. Planets don't just consist of a single field, you know . (hence you cannot 'loop around'.)

Well, that's all from me from now. I'd suggest you keep doing some of the things you do- it's always good to have a new explorer in the ranks(it helps to hide my slacking felisian...) Feel free to set up a noctis discoveries thread too- translucent planets for one are always something to look at!
written by Championhyena on Jun 28, 2010 18:19
Thanks for all the input, guys! Glad to know that there's not something hideously wrong with what I'm seeing (although it IS strange)!

I'm a little confused as to the differences between NICE and Noctis/NIVPlus. I had been given the impression that NICE and Noctis' starmaps were not intercompatible... do the same bodies still appear in both places (albeit with different surfaces)?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 28, 2010 19:15
Championhyena said:
I'm a little confused as to the differences between NICE and Noctis/NIVPlus. I had been given the impression that NICE and Noctis' starmaps were not intercompatible... do the same bodies still appear in both places (albeit with different surfaces)?
Your intuitions are right.
In NICE a lot of code has been rewritten, fixed and expanded, but the main routines that generate the Galaxy are quite the same.
Because of this, the structure of each single system is the same, but there are differences in planets' features which are influenced directly by the addition of extra code and indirectly by the "corrected" orbits data (multiple stars system for instance are those where this situation is more obvious).
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Jun 28, 2010 21:18
Just wait until he finds the Walking Tree...

I am a bad, bad cat!!!

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