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written by Dafydd on Jul 15, 2010 02:03
I've just started playing around with this OS called MenuetOS that's written almost entirely in assembly language. I'm still sort of a noob at assembly, but exactly how difficult would it be to port Noctis over to it? If it's only a couple of weeks work, it would likely be that OS's killer app...

The MenuetOS website is:

I've also compiled a LiveCD ISO of MenuetOS and posted it on my website:
written by Cryoburner on Jul 15, 2010 02:54
I've tried Menuet before, and it's kind of neat, although not something I would often use. Unfortunately, while Noctis includes a lot of assembly code, it also has a fair amount of 16 bit DOS code. I really don't think a port to that OS will likely to happen. Actually Alex, the creator of Noctis, made his own tiny graphical OS called Hactar, which could fit on a floppy, and run programs written in assembly. He hadn't worked on it in years though, and has since discontinued it and removed it from the site here, due to some compatibility issues. In any case, if it were easy to port, he would have probably ported it to his own mini-OS years ago.

While Hactar was discontinued, he has made the start of a successor for it in the form of a bootable runtime module for his Linoleum programming language. Whenever he eventually releases a new Noctis, it will be written in Lino, and making a self-bootable version of the game, or a new mini-OS to run it in, might be something on his agenda. Just don't expect it to come out any time soon. ; )
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