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written by Serpens on Jul 26, 2010 22:21
I really can't find adequate answers anywhere else, and I know that many people here have cats.

The problem is: it seems that my cat does not have enough milk for her three kittens which were born about 3 weeks ago. They appear to be hungry tonight and can't sleep. I've heard about some replacement milk for kittens, but I'm not sure where and if I can buy it fast enough. In this case, is there a way to stimulate more milk production? What (and how much) should I give her to eat/drink so that she has more milk for the kittens? I'm quite worried here.
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written by Raptorjedi on Jul 26, 2010 23:22
My advice, visit the vet. I don't know enough about cats, and it's been years since kittens have been in my house. The vet will know what to do.
written by Cryoburner on Jul 26, 2010 23:42
There's some information here about milk substitute for kittens. Milk substitute bought from a pet store or veterinarian would be ideal, but they explain how to make an emergency substitute as well, if that's not immediately available and you happen to have the other ingredients around.
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