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written by Lucifer sam on Sep 20, 2010 20:38
Well, I had this game awhile back, like around 04, but only now discovered it once again. And, of course, I want to play it. Yet, woe is me as my computer will not play it. It tells me such:

"This system does not support fullscreen mode."

And then it terminates. I'm using Windows Vista with a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT video card. I have ample amounts of disk space and such. I know that the current version of Noctis does not support Vista, but I heard the previous versions do. So I tried those out and received the same problem. Any explanations?
written by Cryoburner on Sep 20, 2010 21:16
Hello! The problem is that Windows 7 / Vista no longer natively supports certain features of 16-bit DOS apps, which prevents Noctis from loading. I'm not sure if you noticed the pinned Windows 7, Vista, XP troubles thread, but it provides some suggestions for getting it to work. Your main options are to either...

1) Run the Noctis USB boot disk, which requires you to reboot your computer to play.
2) Use a virtual machine image with something like VirtualBox, which may perform poorly on some systems.
3) Run the Windows port of Noctis IV CE, which contains some glitches and uses a starmap that's incompatible with the currently updated one.

If your computer can't run Noctis IV in a virtual machine at a decent speed, I noted in that thread that older versions of Noctis (I, II and III) can perform better in a virtualized environment. Those older versions lack the starmap and some other features from Noctis IV, but do contain some features that were later cut, like the ambient sounds in Noctis II, which should work under DOSBox's SoundBlaster emulation.
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