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written by Fierymoustache on Sep 30, 2010 01:13
So I got Noctis to run in VirtualBox, and it runs great except for when lowering to a planet surface, and on the surface itself.

Any tips on getting it to have a bit faster framerate?

For a comparison I checked out some youtube vids of Noctis and the on-planet framerate some people have is great. I am assuming they are probably running it on XP.

Anyway, my pc is a year old.
Specs are: T4300 2.1 GHz intel pentium processor. (it's a laptop)
with 4 gigs of RAM. I thought it should of been really smooth.
I am running it on Windows 7.
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written by Megagun on Sep 30, 2010 10:38
First of all, you should realize that the FPS rate is limited to 18. Second of all, some people post videos that are recorded at 18FPS but played back at 25-24 (whatever the video format FPS standard Youtube uses is; I believe it is 25) which makes it seem smoother, but you'll notice that it is a lot quicker (look at the time in the top right corner).

Either way, those specs should be enough to run it at full performance under VirtualBox IF AND ONLY IF (!) you have hardware acceleration. For intel, this is VT-x.

So first of all, check if you have acceleration enabled (settings -> acceleration).

Second of all, check if your CPU supports hardware acceleration. Try running the tool at http://ark.intel.com/VTList.aspx or checking the list to see if your CPU is supported. (My quick investigation during my work break shows that it does NOT have VT-x. If that is indeed true; you're screwed and can't ever get it to run faster; unfortunately! Blame Intel for being dicks with their VT-x randomness, whereas AMD *always* has hardware accel on all of their CPUs)

Most likely, though, you're just not used to the 18FPS limit and think it's slow, but 18FPS is actually the maximum. I know I myself always find it odd when I'm coming back to Noctis after playing 60FPS games.
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. /../Increasing framerate when.../ 1
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