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written by 3lmo on Oct 09, 2010 01:00
Hello, I just downloaded this game onto my laptop which runs on Windows Vista. I try to go into the game by clicking "GO!.exe" in the "noctis" folder I have. When I do, the DOL screen comes up, then a message saying that this system does not support fullscreen mode. It tells me to choose "Close" to terminate the program.

It also says "16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem" and then "C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\noctis\modules\NOCTIS.EXE"

Can someone help me get this game working please?
ah didn't learn anything!
written by Selbio on Oct 09, 2010 01:10
See http://anynowhere.com/bb/posts.php?t=4451
written by Raptorjedi on Oct 09, 2010 01:11
And there's like six others, all on the front page of the Noctis forum section.
yummy jam!
written by Jam on Oct 09, 2010 02:14
Maybe there should be a "Troubleshooting" section in the Noctis sidebar, or the main Noctis page? It could be difficult for someone who has never been to the site before to find the Noctis forum.

Or maybe a link that says something like "If you are having problems, please read this thread first!"
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. /../NOCTIS won't start?/ 1
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