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wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Nov 28, 2010 21:44
Isn't the GP2X a Korean PMP with gaming capabilities, basically?
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Nov 28, 2010 21:55
It is a Korean handheld that runs linux, thus you can do anything that you want with it (as long the hardware supports, of course).

Seemly the most popular thing to do on it is play Street Fighter Alpha 3 or something like that.
written by Monty on Nov 29, 2010 18:26
Torisek said:
Anyway, did anyone thought to port Noctis into small handy thing, which name I've forgot, but it's one big pocket emulator? I've heard there's special Linux version for that emu-console.
Anyone noticed the Pandora (openpandora.org)? I'd love to play it on that, when mine arrives. Mind, I'd love to play Civ5 on that when it arrives, so I'll have to scale back ambitions methinks.
written by Kynreeve on Nov 29, 2010 19:26
From Pandora site:
"Please be aware that the money needs to be paid in advance.
Why? Easy: We need to pay all the parts for the Pandora production in advance.
And as we don't have a million Euro lying around..."

Rather inconveniently harsh passage to put on the preorder page. Makes you wonder about the quality of their product...

Still, the handheld's features compared to its price seem good. Especially if one can run DOSBox on it.
written by Monty on Nov 29, 2010 21:23
They do try damned hard to put off customers of a financially nervous disposition. If you'll read the blog and forums though you'll come to appreciate that general plain speaking (they are based in Newcastle after all) and openness.
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