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written by Neuzd on Dec 02, 2010 12:18
Some of you may have noticed that the DL and ST modules stopped working properly since about a year and a half.
Using DL would have always frozen Noctis, while ST froze the program (probably) when used to target newly labeled systems.

I finally decided to have a look at the problem and I found the solution.
This bugfix has the "seal of approval" by Alex, by the way : P

Most probably Alex will include the new modules in the Noctis archive to be available for new users, for all the other experienced Stardrifters out there, this is the link to the archive of the new versions.

cd/zips/Neuzd/dlstmod (46 Kb)

ST (revision 28)
- fix: freezing bug

DL (revision 29)
- fix: freezing bug
- fix: DL <major object> correctly shows the number of notes. (already fixed in rev 28, though not many people knew about this)
Also, for more custom modules, you can head over here:
Read ME!
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written by Alex on Dec 02, 2010 13:53

I've updated the noctis.zip archive on the c-disk to include the fixed modules provided by Neuzd. He's been kind enough to provide their source code as well, so I've also updated the source code archive cd/zips/Alex/nivsrc (595 Kb). The source code zip wasn't formerly in my c-disk folder, possibly because I had released it originally at the times when this forum was powered by phpBB. I found it in Stargazer's folder, though, taken it back from there, updated ST and DL's CPP source files, and re-uploaded it to my zips folder.

Yeah, I had the source files myself kept in my old C++ programs' folder in the "attic", but the packaged zip held the needed files to include (among the other hundred test files in the noctis' folder from my attic but not necessary) as well as short instructions on how to build it.
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. /../IMPORTANT! (Modules fix)/ 1
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