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written by Shunteralhena on Dec 04, 2010 17:39
Hi folks,

I'm an occasional Noctis player and am very delighted to see Alex post and the release of NIV+ and the new Inbox update.

However, I'm a bit confused about how all of these relate to each other.

My understanding is:
NIV is the original Noctis, written by Alex.
NICE is an improvement on NIV, after Alex released its source code. Main drawback is that the NICE galaxy differs from the NIV galaxy, invalidating the starmap.
NIV+ is another improvement on NIV, backporting some (but not yet all) of NICE's improvements, while maintaining galaxy compatibility. This is the current supported version.

As for the inbox: Neuzd's July 2010 version is the most complete one, and can be downloaded from his thread.

So by downloading NIV+ and adding Neuzd's July 2010 starmap to it, I get the latest and best from everything.

Also, if I make starmap updates, they now have the chance of actually seeing the light of the day.

Am I correct?

r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 04, 2010 19:54
Shunteralhena said:
Am I correct?
Yes, that's basically it.
Being more specific, NIV+ only implements some of the NICE improvements which affect gameplay and not bugfixes, or at least not those that would create differences in the procedural generation of the galaxy from vanilla NIV.

As you guessed NIV+ starmap isn't up to date (and that's my personal fault, Megagun -who's hosting NIV+ archive- already cleard to me that *I* should ship him the full archive when I make updates to the starmap, and I don't recall having done it since the last update).
The NIV+ package has just been updated -December, 4th 2010 h20:30 (ABB time)-, with the latest starmap, guide and the fixed DL and ST modules.
My suggestion is to directly download the updated starmap and guide from here (cd/zips/Neuzd/data_2010_07 (1230 Kb)), and substitute them in your data folder, in case you didn't label any objects, yet.
Otherwise, if you did, be sure to use the outbox module first, then update the copies of the starmap and guide you already have, with the standard procedure (by using the inbox module, with the latest inbox.zip, that is)

Oh, and welcome back stardrifter, of course : )

If you want to get only the updated modules, get the new versions here: cd/zips/Neuzd/dlstmod (46 Kb)
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r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Dec 06, 2010 11:53
In a post that went lost Shunteralhena said:
Where should I send outboxes?
You can use the feedback form on these forums.

If you did already produce an outbox (as I suggested you), you can send it right now. If you didn't....well, you should have paid more attention to my post because your early labels and notes are "unshareable".
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