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yummy jam!
written by Jam on Jan 19, 2011 00:07
Dorino said:
Noctis V will include 64-bit support, correct?
It's most likely going to be written in Alex's Linoleum programming language, so it won't be 64-bit, unless Alex decides to add 64-bit support to the language. And I don't think that's a simple task, it's unlikely to happen...

But I doubt it will matter. Noctis V won't be restricted to DOS, or even Windows. Mac and Linux won't be a problem, as long as you have WINE, I'm sure it'll run just fine...
written by Dorino on Jan 19, 2011 00:34
As long as it's not 16-bit like Noctis IV, that's fine.

Lino at least runs on 64-bit operating systems.
written by Tv4fun on Jan 21, 2011 01:11
Alex, I wish you the best in your development. I am sure you will succeed in creating a beautiful universe to explore and I look forward to seeing the results.
written by Alehkhs on Jan 25, 2011 07:06
Wow! This is outstanding news!
Let the exploration begin.

Alex, I'd love to do a writeup for TIGSource. When might we expect any news concerning this revival?

In other news, I've evidently lurked this site/project far too long. I had to recreate my account.
written by Azuraun2 on Jan 25, 2011 07:27
I won't speak for him, but he's been wary of pressure lately and publicity might not be good just yet.

In any case, it's fantastic to see you working on a new idea Alex - you make some pretty cool games!
written by Alehkhs on Jan 25, 2011 20:15
Yeah, I imagine he doesn't want any sort of writeup just yet. Usually, when I do a writeup, I give the developer a lot of control in the process, so I'm not looking to rush him, just letting him know I'd like to do an article one day.
written by Geebs on Mar 15, 2011 10:40
I've been lurking here since I discovered Nocitis in... 2006? 2007? It seems so long ago now!

I've always hoped that Noctis V might surface one day, and was just doing one of my 2 or 3 yearly checks to this site, (for any new NV news,) and came across this thread, which made my day! To see that work is going on towards a new Noctis, even in a totally revised format is great news.

Keep up the good word Alex, you seem like a genuinely creative force on the interweb. Noctis IV was an inspiration to me, as it shows the true potential that "games" can have.


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written by Frig on Dec 01, 2011 10:53
Dear god, this makes me unbelievably happy. Ive waited 7 years to see these words! A lot has happened, but I'm still a big fan of Noctis, and check up multiple times a year to see how the place is holding up, and if there is any word on Noctis. Today is definitely a happy day

(greetings from Afghanistan, btw. :p )
written by Cryoburner on Dec 01, 2011 11:47
Well, you might still be waiting a while. Alex gets distracted easily with these types of things. : P
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written by Speeder on Dec 01, 2011 14:06
You are afgani or one of the US soldiers in there?
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