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written by Deeminllama on Feb 12, 2011 11:05
There is a stickied thread here "NIVPlus 2.1 released" in which Rednuke already voices my wishes but I really want to reiterate them.

I have played both NICE and NIV+…

Is there ANY way that one can implement the “running between sectors” that NICE has into NIV+?

For 3-4 years now I frequently come back to Noctis with the hope that it has evolved into the game I dream it to be (I too am waiting for Noctis V). The barriers between sections is the only thing that really spoils the game for me and makes it unplayable for me.

Last night is the perfect example...again. I booted up the game...again, found a planet, went down, started exploring…I walked over a ridge and in the distance was a this mountain ridge shimmering in the distance…I felt awe and amazement…the game completely had me…I though: “wow, I want to go and explore that”…so I kept on walking…and then ‘wham!’…it hit me again…knocking me straight out of the experience.

You have an infinite galaxy where you can come and go as you please…you can go down to any planet you wish and explore…and then you run into an invisible wall…Each time I longingly start up the game again it sucks me in within an instant…but the emersion is completely lost the moment I run into the wall, have to turn around, find my pod, go back up, select the next section, go back down again…and then the emersion is lost and exploration becomes a chore for me.

Yes, I could simply just play NICE but I would like to share the game with others (read and leave comments) BUT as far as I can tell there is still the largest supported community for NIV+? Or am I wrong here? If so then could someone tell me and then delete this post.

If not then…I know programming is not just a copy and paste thing, I know you don’t make a game within a day…but is there any way we can get this feature in NIV+? Being brave…is there any way I can do it?

Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.

r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Feb 12, 2011 12:07
You do realize that the surface features you see in the distance (or even in the immediate proximity for that matters) when you hit the "invisible wall" aren't reachable even in NICE, right?
Once you step over that limit you simply appear in the adjacent sector and there will be no sign of what you were trying to reach.
I say this because if it's immersion what you're looking for, you risk to be deluded of not being able of exploring a particular surface feature, simply in a slightly different way.
To stand the admittedly annoying limit of the sectors' explorable area, a common practice is that of thinking that there's a security limit you can travel from your landing pod.
It's been called "the leash" by Skinnymon, who probably introduced the concept altogether.
You see there are a lot of other strange and weird things happening in Noctis, and there are people who looked for ways trying to "explain" these things with creative ideas that keep the technological limitations of the simulator within the game fictional universe. All of this for your same desire of feeling immersed in the game.

Anyway, if you want to modify Noctis on your own, the source code is available, both for Noctis and NIV+, while for NICE the source of the latest versions has never been released, though probably that feature was implemented in previous ones, so you should be able to use those as guideline.
Instructions on how to compile are in the Noctis source package (and probably also in NIV+'s), but the only compiler that can successfully compile NIV isn't in the public domain, even if it's extremely old and a newer version has been released for free use, so that is a tricky point.

About your question on the submitted database of labeled stars and GUIDE notes, NIV and NIV+ share the exact same files, and those are the only currently supported versions.
written by Cryoburner on Feb 12, 2011 12:50
I think one reason the feature wasn't ported over to NIV+ was that it may have introduced some instability in NICE. Or that could have been something else entirely. : P

It also wasn't an ideal solution, as what you find in the next sector over doesn't really match what you see past the invisible wall. I suppose the sectors can be thought of more as 'landing sites' with some distance between them, since their borders don't match up with one another. I think NICE's solution of jumping you over to the next sector was better than running into an invisible barrier, but it's still far from perfect. To do anything more advanced like continuous terrain would likely be somewhat difficult in DOS though, and in the case of NIV+, would break backward compatibility.

Really though, I don't think it would be excessively hard for one to implement a similar feature that just jumps you to the next sector, as in NICE. It seems like you would just have to detect when someone reaches the edge, then fade out the scene, unload the previous sector as if returning to the ship and load the next as if landing, but skipping the landing sequence and placing the player at the corresponding edge of the new sector. Noctis IV's code isn't really the easiest to work with though, so that could be a challenge. : P

The ideal solution would of course be a new Noctis with continuous terrain, though it's difficult to say when that will eventually materialize. Alex has recently expressed interest in starting up work on Noctis again though.
written by Kristos on Feb 12, 2011 16:19
Wait for NV. In the meantime, play Minecraft.
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