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written by Estu kaami aftadai on Oct 25, 2003 18:04
Now then, since RJ seems to be taking a while redoing the item list, I've decided to do it myself -- mainly out of impatience.

The usefulness of this is if you find an item and you're not sure what it does, just do a simple text search for that item's name in this page and you'll find info on it.. assuming that it's on the list.

Turtle Shell - Drops off of all turtles. Increases HL a good amount.
Draconic Tailmace - Forged by dragons, dragon-only, increases HL and provides the Tailmace attack.
Draconic Leadball - Forged by dragons, doesn't add to HL but adds an attack that lets you throw it.
Boomerang - Increases HL and adds a ranged attack. When thrown, you don't need to go back and pick it up to use it again since it's a boomerang.
Sling - Adds an attack, not sure about effects on HL.
Opal of Justice - Limited usage, both by race and by soul class. Increases general regeneration and adds an expendable (though it has about 250 hits originally) healing ability. Also increases HL substantially.
Swinging rock (Note - I might have the wrong name) - Increases HL and adds a melee attack, Swing Rock.
Short sword - Increases HL and adds a melee attack, something along the lines of Stab or Slash.
Pot of ___ blood - So far I've only come across cat and horse, but there should be others. Gives you the abilities of that race (e.g. cat's climbing ability and night vision). Limited SC usage.
Wand of Slow Herbal Digestion - Turns you into a herbivore, only able to eat grass. The plus side is that with this wand, grass is very, very filling.
Aim Helper - Increases HL and I've heard that it also helps your aim on moving targets (i.e. if you click on the combat menu, then the animal moves, then you click the attack).
Shiny Ring - Increases light radius by 1.
Torch - Increases HL, adds an attack (swing flaming torch), and increases light radius by 1 or possibly more.
Green bottle, Red bottle - One of these gives you the Sensing ability and the other gives you the Locating ability. Together, you can click on an NPC in the Who's Online menu and see their exact coordinates along with their race. These are both pretty common items.
White bottle - Allows teleportation. Excellent item.
Ring of ESP - Gives you ESP, the ability to see hidden items or creatures. Pretty useful.
Ring of Mighty Heroes - Limited to only Mightys and Heroes, this has a number of effects. The ones I know about are increasing your food capacity (longer waiting time before getting hungry), making you invisible, and increasing your HL.
Soul Staff - Also limited to only Mightys and Heroes. Increases your HL immensely and adds the attack 'Zap'.
Feather of Resurrection - Weighs 1 unit and adds 1 to your RES count. If you have several of these and you're killed, the feathers disappear but the RES count stays, meaning you're able to hold more.
Ring of Flight - Gives you the ability to fly if you don't already have it.
Box of Chocolate Chips - An expendable (25 hits, I think) ability to eat a chocolate chip. Very very unfilling. Eat 'em all and throw it away.
Pack of Healing Plasters - An expendable ability to heal yourself. Not very potent on my dragon, but better than nothing.
Light Net - A very useful item that gives you the ranged combat ability to throw it at someone. Only works on weaker races, but it keeps them trapped on one square for a good amount of time, allowing you to back off and hit them with ranged attacks. No bonus to your HL. Weighs 1 unit. Warning - creatures can still attack while trapped.
Thick large net - SC-limited item similar to the light net. Usable on more races.
Heavy large net with dropping balls on the side (or something to that extent) - Even more SC-limited. Like the other two. Again, usable on more races -- my black dragon got hit with one and it worked.
Bulletproof vest - Haven't been able to use it (limited SC) but I imagine it makes you immune to gunfire.
Ring of Fire - Not sure on other effects, but it does increase your HL.
Ring of Fire Immunity - Makes you immune to fire attacks, such as the dragons' Breathe Fire.
Reusable Fireball - Doesn't seem to affect HL, but it is usable as an attack in which you throw it.
Infringer - Increases the power of the Ram attack.
Legbow - A bow. Doesn't add to your HL, meaning you have a higher attack power without actually needing to attack higher creatures. Good stuff. Needs arrows to work, though.
Bone arrow - Used with a legbow.
Wood arrow - Used with a legbow.
A Jar of Instant Glue - Much like the Light Net, this has a ranged attack that makes your target stay in place for some time. It is not SC-limited, but it doesn't work on all races. Furthermore, the attack isn't a throw; you don't need to go and pick it up. However, it IS expendable, somewhere between 8 and 10 charges to start with. Weighs two units.
An Instant Cement Thrower - Highly SC limited... only Mighty and Hero. Adds considerably to HL and has an expendable (25 charges) attack. I haven't tested out the attack, but I assume it works like a net/jar of glue.
Wooden Ring - Injures anything that attacks you.
Blue Box of Holding - Quite a few of these were lying around the Bloodcaves a week or so ago. Adds to your weight capacity by somewhere around 10 units.
Small Bag for Carrying Things - Common loot. Adds to your weight capacity about 3 or 4 units.
A Quality Infrared Vision - Unsure about the usage or purpose of this; I only had one and it was a while ago. It looks identical to an aim helper.
A Wooden Cage - Seems to be identical to a Light Net, though I've never tested it.
Pack of Food Rations - Like the Box of Chocolate Chips, but much more filling. Seems to have 10 charges originally.
Box of Poisoned Chocolate Chips - This one strikes me as rather hilarious. Folks, DO NOT eat anything that strangers give you! That's right, this is actually a weapon, usable as an expendable attack in which you give a chocolate chip to someone. Adds slightly to your HL.
A Glowing White Star - Usable as an Area-Effect attack in which you blind everyone around you. Not expendable - infinite charges. It's also a light source - +1 light radius.
Repulser Ring - Adds to your HL.
Universal Adaptor - Makes you an omnivore.
Mining Boots - Increases your HL.
Shielding Amulet - Increases your HL.
Quicksilver Amulet - Increases your HL.
Map of the ___ Level - Gives you the ability to view a map of whatever level your map is. Pretty nice.
100v shocker - Gives you a melee attack: "Electrically shock".
Bodymass enhancer - Increases your food capacity.
Federal deflector shield generator - Renders you immune to phasers.
Organic amplifier - Increases your HL.
Pair of scissors - Renders you immune to Light Nets, increases your HL, adds a melee attack: "Scratch with scissors"
Small Saw - Renders you immune to Light Nets, increases your HL.
Spinepult - Never used one before, but I imagine it functions much like a Legbow, only instead of arrows it uses Catapult Darts.
Catapult Dart - Used with a Spinepult.
Ring of Probing - Gives you the ability to probe creatures other than yourself. Very nice.
Piece of Native Stress - Charged item, gives you the Area-Effect ability to "spread stress around". Unsure as to the actual function of this ability.
Piece of Native Boredom - Identical to the above, except you can now "spread boredom around".

Note - All rings and amulets weigh one unit.

Now then, that's all I was able to think of for now. When I come across others, I'll edit them in. If any of you know of items that aren't on the list, write 'em down in a reply and I'll edit them in, as well. Note that there are probably some small mistakes in the list, i.e. with exact names and things like that. If you find a mistake like that, note it and I'll edit it.

Thank you and have a nice day :p.
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written by Raptorjedi on Oct 25, 2003 18:08
Nice job, havent actually started on the item list yet... still have to do that race list thinger... but nice job....
i hate it here!
written by Ginja_ninja on Oct 25, 2003 18:12
How about some better spaceing ?
written by Estu kaami aftadai on Oct 25, 2003 18:14
Thanks, RJ. Ninja, I've added underlines, so that should take away the need for extra line breaks.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Oct 26, 2003 05:49
Here's a couple additions... to solve a few misteries.

- wooden ring: gives you the ability to injure others when others touch you, or attack you in some way that involves touching you (misc: Injures If Touched).

- infringer: it serves to quadrupedals to ram into creatures, using the thing as a pointy tool that pretty hurts...
written by Buuks on Oct 26, 2003 18:44
What are these items doing?
Piece of native boredom
Piece of native stress
written by Algebra2 on May 13, 2004 02:11
Add fire bomb to this list, which gives you an attack that appears to have infinite charge, please.
written by Algebra2 on Jul 24, 2004 02:33
What do these items do?

Fire extinguisher
Blood ring
Amulet of the Wolf
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 24, 2004 03:13
Fire extinguisher helps against certain fire attacks, blood ring gives a health stealing attack. And the Amulet.... I think that gives you some powers of the wolf, its been a while since I made these items....

Correction with the Amulet, it increases the evade and such for wolf characters. Other races can't use it.
written by Algebra2 on Jul 24, 2004 19:54
What is this item doing:

Pot of Souls
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 24, 2004 21:23
I don't know, try it out and see. This is one of the reasons I didn't like EKA making the item list. I had a feeling he wouldn't finish it somehow...
written by Algebra2 on Jul 24, 2004 23:20
Well, let's see... it seems to give sensing and ESP, increases inventory by 3, and weighs 2 units of stone.
written by Algebra2 on Aug 04, 2004 20:28
A Quality Assault Rifle - gives a 30-shot shooting attack, allows firing of rifle grenades, obtain from quest, restricted to at least VALIANT.

Rifle Grenade - can be fired from an assault rifle, 25 exist, go to outpost level or from quest.

Wand Of Heroes - Find out for yourself, 3 exist, 1 has been taken, the other two are scattered in Avatar. Restricted to at least GREAT.

A spellbook scroll - gives a 50-shot blinding attack and two 250-shot missile attacks. Restricted to at least BRAVE. 25 exist.
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