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the original outer rim explorer
written by Dodo c. snotts on Mar 22, 2011 22:37
we show up from to time to say, "hello."

Seriously, I got to thinking about you cats today while at work and thought I'd pop in to see if any of the old, old, oooooold crew were still around. Glad to see that's still the case. :-D
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Mar 22, 2011 22:50

the original outer rim explorer
written by Dodo c. snotts on Mar 23, 2011 02:59
It is I!
written by Cryoburner on Mar 23, 2011 14:43
It is Dodo!

r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Mar 23, 2011 16:31
Oh yeah! Dodo!
Glad to see you pop up from time to time : )

Maybe you'de be interested in knowing that I discovered some systems farther than The Deepest Point, although they haven't been labeled because the discovery didn't happen through proper exploration but with some advanced analysis tools that have been crafted for the Department of Astrocartography exclusively for scientific study of Feltyrion.
(Out of character explanation: I've cheated)

Got some new labels? Send your outbox!
written by Deanfrz on Mar 30, 2011 04:49
I remember the old forum, I must qualify!

This lurker remembers you, anyways.
the original outer rim explorer
written by Dodo c. snotts on Mar 30, 2011 13:28
Good to see some old faces around here. hard to believe that some of us go back 10 years in this place, huh?

Very cool stuff about finding that star, Neuzd! I am not surprised. When I went to the rim all those years ago, I figured out through trial and error what the coordinates for the most extreme possible corner was and went to it by setting the coordinates manually, turned around and picked the only star I could see. The one you found was too far away on the vertical axis for me to see, I presume. Nice find!

As a side note, I saw many threads mentioning Westos and the oddness of it's coordinates. I think that was mine, too... but not 100% sure. Could belong to Skinny or Stargazer, as well. I just remember that it was ID'd looooooong ago, hence the problems with the coordinates.
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