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written by Malkom on Jun 02, 2011 16:32
Welcome to my new forum game that will (hopefully) be successful. This forum game is, as the title suggests, powered by Risus, which is a very nice roleplaying system - simple, so it allows us to focus more on the story and characters more than on the rules, and very flexible, so it allows us to do almost anything we want. Link: http://risusiverse.wetpaint.com/

This game will probably be a shortish, self-contained adventure, to test the waters, so to speak. The setting is a whimsical sci-fi-ish space-travel-enabled universe, inspired by the drawings we've probably all made or seen sometime, with alien dishes and colorful rockets zooming around towards the Moon, and towards Saturn, and so forth... The Cliches are anything that goes in such universe, and perhaps some things that don't at first glance (Space Cowboys, anyone?) and the overall goal of doing this is: have fun!

Anyone who wants to join, post your characters generated with the Risus system. I'll make the first actual game post once I get more than two characters to play with.
written by Malkom on Jun 02, 2011 22:13
This is a sort of appetizer for the main story. Enjoy!
Out beyond Neptune -- the last planet in the Solar System -- a small, green, saucer-shaped spacecraft hurtled along. Inside, its pilot, a shiny green creature with ten legs and as many eyes, manipulated the controls, watching the radar, watching...

There! The thought was expressed in the clicking, hissing language of the insectile Zygons, but the meaning was the same -- this is it. A big blip had appeared on the radar. Far bigger than the biggest spacecraft. This blip represented something the size of a large moon.

A moon, out beyond Neptune. Just as predicted, but still extraordinary. And on it... The spacecraft's pilot shuddered with pleasure at the thought of the planet's possible contents. Contents that were amazingly, astoundingly powerful. Contents that, if they fell into the wrong hands -- or mandibles -- could wreak total destruction on the human race.

Which was the goal every Zygon lived and breathed and fought for.
* * * *
The mysterious moon stood dark and silent. On the surface, a single, ancient, and powerful robot roved back and forth inside a underground control room.

The Zygon craft appeared on the radar. The robot's mechanical hands pressed a switch.

Silently, two sleek silver shapes lifted off the moon's barren, dusty surface.
* * * *
What the--

Two small dots sped towards the Zygon craft. They made contact with a soft thud. For its pilot, everything went blindingly, searingly hot... then, nothing. A few scraps of green metal drifted on the solar wind. And two sleek and sinister silver shapes turned back towards the ancient moon.
written by Kristos on Jun 02, 2011 22:45
As always, your writing is impressive. It's the type that makes me want to read more, the type that makes for a good adventure book. I thought this was a bit odd, though:
Malkom said:
On the surface, a single, ancient, and powerful robot roved back and forth inside a underground control room.
And it's an underground control room, by the way.
written by Malkom on Jun 02, 2011 23:26
I'm... what to say? Flattered. I did notice that little error... but I haven't fixed it.

So, I decided to write some more, just because I'm bored and I feel like it.
The Longdistance Planetary Patrol spacraft LDPP-101 was on its last legs. The fuel tanks were nearly empty, and Captain Morris had ordered the engines cut to save fuel. They were drifting.

To make matters worse, SPK-Z, the onboard computer, had chosen that voyage to go completely nuts halfway through a navigation operation. It had started spewing gibberish over the ship's speakers, and stopped controlling the engines, at simultaneous times. Roy Alderman, the onboard computer geek, had managed to switch off the computer's link to the intercoms, but as far as he could tell a large chunk of the A.I. program was randomly corrupted, as if some kind of electromagnetic static had effected the hard-drive. It was too messed up to be recoverable.

Fortunately the navigation systems were still there, and Roy was trying to reprogram them to determine their ship's location. Refitting part of a A.I. program is no easy job, though, and it would take awhile. And that was the one thing they did not have. Low on oxygen, though they had lots of food and water. And low on fuel.

They can't hold out much longer.

The Zargon spacecraft was just outside of radar range, waiting for the ship's life support systems to fail. It was a rogue, outcast from the main body of Zargons for mutiny and insubordination, and it would do anything for a few supplies. Right now it desperately needed some vittles, or "krrk-kasshchuk" as the Zargons called them, and the ship's Captain was confident that the human ship would have some of the precious "krrk-kasshchuk". They needed it. Food was hard to get in the Outer Fringes, that dark region of space between Pluto and Neptune. To survive there you had to be tough, able to wait out the long periods between plunderable ships that wandered into the Fringes. But Zargons were innately tough. They'd survived there for over a year, Earth time.

They could of course have shot the Earthling ship, but it might have fought back and they had plenty of oxygen, so they'd decided to save their ammo and wait. Some Zargons had protested, but the Captain overruled them, and the ship hung there like a menacing green spider, waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
EDIT-NOTE: This wasn't as good as the first... it has a few spelling errors as well. Also: Sign up! It just takes a minute or two to create a Risus character if spending time doing that is what's stopping you. And no, I'm not joking.

EDIT TWO: Fixed some errors, made some parts nicer.
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yummy jam!
written by Jam on Jun 03, 2011 04:07
How about this:

Captain Awesome the Superhero

Description: A self-proclaimed superhero whose only ability seems to be his extreme egotism. Though he thinks he can do anything, he really has almost no skills. He's also not very bright, though he thinks he's a genius. He spends several hours a day preening himself, and several more admiring his good looks and striking poses in the mirror. He's written several books, including such titles as "How to be awesome like Captain Awesome", "Top 500 reasons why you love Captain Awesome", and "Everybody wants to be Captain Awesome". He's also had plenty of practice speaking, as he tends to talk about himself non-stop to anyone nearby. He gets extremely agitated when someone else steals his spotlight, and will show off to draw attention back to himself, without regard to the danger of what he is doing.

Clichés: Preener (4), Show off (2), Public Speaker (3), Writer (including autographs) (1)

Perhaps the question is, why is he on a spaceship? And why is he telling everyone he's the ship's captain? And why is he trying to pilot the ship?!!
beepy beep things. robot.
written by Mingamango181 on Jun 03, 2011 08:42
Somehow... I find it much more difficult to define characters when it the system seems so vague...

But anyway:
Private Colemak the Self Sufficient

Characterisms*: Named Colemak as a sort of joke, the name soon stuck. No one really can remember what his original name that was given originally. Despite excellent ability to talk, he doesn't do it much at all, and often restricts his talking to a few, short-to-the-point phrases. His position of Private is recognised by himself, since he's had pretty much spoken nothing to anyone else over the past several years. He frequently speaks to himself as if there's more than one person in his crew, which could be perceived as some sort of mental issue, though it really isn't.

Clichés: Anti-social (3), self-monologue (4), Multi-tasker (3)

*May not actually be a word. Take caution with use.
written by Malkom on Jun 03, 2011 14:50
Alright, that's two characters. Very nice description, Jam. You're both in.

I'm going to wait another while in hopes of getting a third person.

Oh, for your info, Jam, I haven't decided whether we'll start out on a spaceship or not.
yummy jam!
written by Jam on Jun 03, 2011 21:35
Malkom said:
Oh, for your info, Jam, I haven't decided whether we'll start out on a spaceship or not.
Right... Well, take it more of as short description of how he commonly acts, then...
written by Malkom on Jun 04, 2011 01:47

Soo... I'll wait till tomorrow morning for players. If there aren't any more then, I'll start anyway. If you want to get in after the game starts please PM me instead of posting actions.

Jam: I'll take it as a short description of how he acts 99% of the time (under normal circumstances, of course!)
written by Malkom on Jun 04, 2011 16:24
Alright, here goes. PM me with your character if you want to get on a waiting list.

Inside a rocket, somewhere in the Solar System
The control room sits dark and silent. Two figures -- a slightly disheveled person in a colorful jumpsuit with 'CAPTAIN AWESOME' lettered across the front in a weird, flaming font and someone in regimental Longdistance Planetary Patrol uniform -- are slumped in opposite chairs. Between them sits a club, a keychain, and a neat stack of computer parts.

Each awakens simultaneously, with a pounding headache and no idea how he got here. They do remember what they were doing a day ago, but it's pretty much their usual routine, with nothing unusual to indicate alien abduction, capture by criminal, or anything that might have conceivably got them here.

What, pray, do they do next?

The LDPP-101, Outer Fringes
Captain Morris swears. Only two days of oxygen remaining. And Roy said he'd take at least a week.

Roy Alderman, typing on a computer keyboard, suddenly facepalms. HOW could he have been so stupid? Quickly, he executes his new idea, and in a very few minutes the navigation systems are booted up and ready to go.

Aboard an unknown Zargon spacecraft, Outer Fringes
The crew are beginning to grumble. When are they going to get their fresh krrk-kasshchuk?!
beepy beep things. robot.
written by Mingamango181 on Jun 04, 2011 22:39
"Darn it...

I may have had a little too much to drink last night.

Yeah. You must have. Look at where we are."

Colemak opened his eyes, and peered around his surroundings, taking each detail in. This was not his ship. The room alone was far too big to be his. It wasn't helping the massive headache that he had, straining to understand what should not be happening. He closed his eyes, wiped his eyelids, and opened them again.

"Where are we?"

Upon noticing the other figure, Colemak shook his head.

"I was wishing it was part of the ship I hadn't ever explored yet, but with this..."
yummy jam!
written by Jam on Jun 05, 2011 01:13
"Mmmhmhmm... Huh... Wha?! This isn't my bed! Where am I? Hmm... Oh well..."

Captain Awesome then takes out a comb and a small mirror (which he always has with him), and proceeds to straighten his hair...

After a while of that, Captain Awesome finishes and exclaims, "Oh yeah! Captain Awesome looks awesome again! Of course, I always look awesome, but I look even more awesome now! Groovy!"

It should be noted that his last statement was actually not a comment on Captain Awesome's fabulous looks, but rather a call for his sidekick, Groovy Boy. However, his faithful sidekick most likely didn't hear him, considering that Captain Obvious was most likely several million miles from Earth by now, and even Captain Obvious can't yell across the vacuum of space (contrary to what Captain Obvious believes)...

Captain Awesome suddenly notices the other figure...

"Oh, you must be the dude that kidnapped me? I suppose you're one of one of my fans? You must be a really big fan to kidnap me, most of the others just ask me for my autograph... You do know Captain Awesome gives out his autograph for free, right?"
written by Malkom on Jun 05, 2011 02:44
Inside a rocket, somewhere in the Solar System
Private Colemak's first act is to monologue himself He then opens his eyes, tries to look around, closes and rubs them, opens them again, and this time succeeds at taking in the details of his surroundings. He's in a large-ish round room, with big glass windows wrapping all around. A bit of starlight is coming in, enough for him to see a small bank of knobs, dials, keyboards and touchscreens that make up the ship's manual controls; it's mounted under one of the windows. There doesn't seem to be much in the room, except for the club, keychain, and computer parts. And half a pizza that's been balanced on one of the levers on the controls. And of course that guy in the "CAPTAIN AWESOME" jumpsuit. He shakes his head at the guy.

"That guy" now proceeds to take out a comb and a small mirror, and straighten his hair, dragging the comb through it. This only intensifies his headache, but somehow he carries on. When he's through, he feels a bit faint and has the worst headache he's had in years. Still, he manages to remain optimistic. He praises his looks and calls for his "faithful sidekick", who is nowhere in sight. Noticing the other figure, he proceeds to harangue him for kidnapping before deciding that the other person's one of his fans. He mentions that he gives out his autograph free.

There's a clunking noise from somewhere in the room. A laser pointer suddenly zooms back and forth, scanning the room's contents, then abruptly snaps off. All is silent once more.

Somewhere in the Outer Fringes
The LDPP-101 fires up its engines, and starts swinging around...

A Zargon curse hisses and clacks its way through the air onboard the menacing green watcher. "Hem! Get the guns ready!" growls the Captain.

Somewhere on a unknown moon
The supercomputer that controls the ancient technological complex is winding down. The ancients who made it have a peculiar property: everything they make has one major flaw. And the flaw in this computer is a software bug -- a number of values in memory are steadily clicking up. And when they overflow, the computer will crash, leaving the powerful technology scattered over the moon free for the taking.

E.T.A for the crash? One Earth week.
beepy beep things. robot.
written by Mingamango181 on Jun 05, 2011 06:35

Colemak stared at the figure that was there. He quickly took out his PDA, and brought up his list of things to do.
  • Diagnose instability in Engine
  • Optimise energy usage
  • File monthly report on efficiency
  • Minor celebrations
  • Code intelligent AI
  • "PDA, please defer the last option. I've got an unexpected situation."

    He placed his PDA back in one of his pockets, and returned to the issue at hand. The best way to handle this, he decided, would be to just ignore this mysterious hallucination that had appeared before him. Perhaps, this was the consequence of being out here too long. Explaining where he was however, the strategy could not be applied.

    "Hey Colemak, looks like we're traveling in a single direction. No steering, unless you count half an Earth year to make a 180 degree turn.

    Whatever. I don't mind that so much. We need to get it functioning first."

    Colemak looked over at the amount of controls. The layout was nothing to like what his ship's one was like.

    "Yeah, yeah, we get the point.

    Oh. Sorry."

    He looked for a trigger, a lever or button that would engage the rocket's auxiliary power modules, and hopefully with that, the lighting.
    yummy jam!
    written by Jam on Jun 05, 2011 17:44
    "Ow! Captain Awesome has an awesome headache! But Captain Awesome needs to be awesome, and complaining about a headache is not awesome!"

    Captain Awesome looks at the other figure, who seems to be ignoring him... Captain Awesome doesn't like being ignored. He really doesn't like being ignored...

    "Helloooo? Anyone in there?"

    He raps his knuckles on the other figure's head...

    "Huh? Hey, my name's not 'Colemak', it's Captain Awesome! You're not a very good fan, forgetting my name like that... I think you should—Hey, is that a pizza?"

    He dashes over to the pizza slice, picks it up, and sniffs it.

    "Awesome! I love pizza! Does this one have any of those little round red things? Those little round red things are awesome!"

    If it smells alright, he proceeds to eat the pizza, making sure not to spill any of the pizza on his awesome Captain Awesome suit...

    "Hey look, levers! Being my fan, you should know I'm an expert lever puller! See? Look! Look!"

    Captain Awesome then proceeds to pull (and push) all the levers he can reach, then starts pressing random buttons...
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