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written by Malkom on Jan 15, 2012 21:10
(OOC: r-r-r-restart! And finally, a brand-new player!)

Control room
Colemak enters a rather universal emergency password. After a short wait, he gets a message:

Emergency airlock unlock currently disabled.
Sending emergency airlock unlock request to all CAPTAIN-level active logins [1]: DONE

Floor Three
Captain Awesome slaps his hands vigorously against his pants, sending the gob of Zargon blood flying into the small of the bearded man's back. He says something in German without looking up.

A message flashes up on his screen. Over his shoulder, Captain Awesome can see:

Confirm emer
Frowning, the man puts on a comms headset with integrated mic and taps out some more commands. That done, he mumbles into the mic some.

Cramped Access Port
The airlock doors slide open with a loud hiss, and three Long-Distance Planetary Patrol men in bright orange uniforms climb through into a ladder shaft. One of them is wearing a comms headset.

Behind them is a gangly robot with a name-tag that reads "ROBERT". Beneath it, "Genuine Person Personality Experimental Processing Node #0x44" is engraved on his metallic chest.
written by Logicalerror on Jan 15, 2012 21:41
Having heard through the microphone some snippets of conversation I can tell the strange man preening himself is desperate for pizza. Knowing how living beings act over food, I decide keep my distance from him.

I then ask the other man if he needs any help, speaking in German. As, I calculate that is perceived as most polite to address people in their native language.
yummy jam!
written by Jam on Jan 16, 2012 23:38
"Finally, the pizza delivery bot!"

Captain Awesome jogs to the robot and tries to open up the pizza-storing section of the bot...

"I'm starving! Do you know how un-awesome it is to make me wait? It's about time you got here!"
beepy beep things. robot.
written by Mingamango181 on Jan 17, 2012 10:29
Colemak watches as the system opens the door. He pauses for just a moment before checking upon the visitors.

"Hmm," says he.
written by Malkom on Jan 20, 2012 17:32
Hmm, weird. I thought spacetime - that is, this particular spacetime - blurred for a minute there...

Control room
Colemak hmms and activates personell scanners.
Scanning, please wait...
The system plays a pleasing boop-bop-bop-boopity-beep tune while it scans.

Floor Three
Somehow, the men from the LDPP-101 have gotten here really quick, along with their bot. The German is speaking in German, and the bot is about to reply (I think...) when Captain Awesome jogs over and tries to pry off its chestplates, exclaiming about how it's the pizza delivery bot.


He finds a thin seam to hook his fingers through, but the attachments are far too strong for him.

The bot speaks to the man in German, and the man replies in a like tongue before one of the Patrollers steps between of them, touching his laser gun to be sure it's still there.

"Look here, mister, are you in charge of this outfit? You requested an emergency supply of fuel, yes?"

Another Patrol man has drawn his laser and given Captain Awesome a shove. "Hands off our bot! You aren't authorized and besides it's not a pizza delivery bot."

Control Room
Ah, I see that Capt-- er, Private Colemak's scan has been completed.

Six live entities detected. Elaboration saved.
One unauthorized A.I. detected. Elaboration saved.
...wait, what? You wanted him to actually go check on the visitors through the hatch? Oh, okay...

He goes over and pries at the hatch, but thanks to Captain Awesome it's locked from the other side.

From beneath the hatch he can faintly make out someone speaking angrily in a thick German accent.
written by Logicalerror on Jan 28, 2012 06:47
While the other more heavily armed crew of the Patrol ship talk things over with those in need I go back to the ship, hoping to find some rations.

If I do I will write pizza on one of them and give it to the man claiming to be captain.

He probably doesn't know what pizza is anyway, and if he knew he must have forgotten. So it couldn't do too much harm, could it?
yummy jam!
written by Jam on Feb 05, 2012 04:43
"Of course I'm in charge of this ship! I'm Captain Awesome! And I did request some fuel! Don't you realize how starving I am? Making me wait is not awesome! This engine needs fuel, and fast! Hurry it up with the pizza!"
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