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written by Nopseudoidea on Jun 21, 2011 08:42
Hello everyone,

First excuse me if i do some mistakes, I'm French so I don't speak English very well ^^ ...

I wonder if the map in Noctis IV is randomly generated (with a seed or another way) or if it's a pre-defined and written map ?

Thanks !
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written by Mingamango181 on Jun 21, 2011 10:29
Don't worry! You're doing fine.

As to the map in Noctis IV, I believe that it is a predefined seed. It lets the explorer as such be able to write to GUIDE, and share their discoveries with others.

((If I'm wrong, it's probably because I'm using my mind rather than looking it up properly...))
written by Cryoburner on Jun 21, 2011 11:26
The galaxy is pseudo-randomly generated, based off a fixed seed. Having a pre-defined map of an entire galaxy would require quite a bit of storage. : )
written by Nopseudoidea on Jun 21, 2011 11:42
And can I change the seed to get a new galaxy : ) ?
written by E_net4 on Jun 21, 2011 13:04
That's a curious question. It might work, though it would become incompatible with the inboxes. Let me observe the source code.

Edit: Ok, I have no clue. It's most likely hardcoded, but I couldn't find it.
written by Nopseudoidea on Jun 21, 2011 13:13
Noctis is open source ? Well, that's awesome : ) !

What do you mean by "inboxes" ?

And to change the seed, I need to modify the code and compile the game again ?
written by Nopseudoidea on Jun 21, 2011 13:29
Sorry for the double post.

After a find /n "seed" * in the sources directory I found a lot of seeds ...

double nearstar_p_orb_seed [maxbodies];

long flat_rnd_seed;

unsigned seed; (probably the good one ?)

And after :

seed = fast_random (0xFFFF);
srand (seed);

long global_surface_seed;
unsigned seed = nearstar_identity * 12345;

int detail_seed = 12345;
unsigned seed = random (10000);

And a lot more ... If you want I can upload a *.txt with the whole output ...
So bad I can't read assembly ^^ (because there are a lot of assembly in the code ...) .
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written by Neuzd on Jun 21, 2011 14:22
I'm afraid the generation of the galaxy isn't pseudo random, or at least isn't in the way one generally intend pseudo random to mean (setting the same seed to always obtain the same list of values).
So I don't think there's a seed for changing the position of the stars.

If you're interested in knowing in detail how the galaxy is generated, you can have a look at Triceratops' source code:
cd/zips/Shadowlord/triceratops-src (5 Kb), no assembly in there : P

About your other question: Noctis doesn't have a centralized database, so to share your discoveries with others, you need to send them in, and then download a file with everyone's latest submitted data.
To fully appreciate Noctis, you have to read the manual : P
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