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written by Eshade on Jan 08, 2012 20:41
So, first time starting up noctis, and my laptop isn't able to run it for some reason. When I press Go!, it says my system can't support fullscreen mode, and I have to close it. I have a Vista. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Much appreciated.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Jan 08, 2012 21:12
There's a stickied thread about Vista troubles. Look at that.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 09, 2012 04:46
If you can't get Noctis IV or Noctis IV Plus to run well in an emulator or via bootable thumb drive, you can also try Noctis IV CE, which includes a Windows port. CE isn't really supported anymore, and has some weird glitches, but it should run under newer versions of Windows.
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