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written by Nopseudoidea on Feb 13, 2012 12:15
Hello everybody,

Once again excuse me if my english is bad, I do't speak it as a native language ^^

I wonder if anyone has or can do a precise drawing of the stardrifter with the measurements (external view) ...

Indeed I'd like to do a model of it in some games (Minecraft) and drawings, but the internal view isn't really good to make me an idea of the size and the place of the objects (I mean, the screens, etc.) ^^

If this isn't possible and as I'm still a new user of Noctis, is there any other way to take a screenshot of the stardrifter from different angles ?

written by Cryoburner on Feb 13, 2012 15:20
There has been some discussion on this before, including this thread.

Note that 'officially', the stardrifter is rather short, since Felisians are intended to be around the size of African wildcats. Of course, a stardrifter could be made to any scale. : )

The exact dimensions are open to a bit of interpretation though. Alex mentioned once that the stardrifter was originally intended to be square, around 5 x 5 x 0.7 meters. The actual stardrifter in Noctis IV is somewhat rectangular though, more like 5 x 4.3 x 0.7 meters, if the given height were correct. I did a comparison of eye level height inside the drifter though, and it actually appears to be more like 1 meter in height (not counting the dome), which would place the dimensions at roughly 7 x 6.2 x 1 meters. The stardrifter for Noctis V should also have slightly different dimensions than in Noctis IV. Alex released a work-in-progress model of it at one point that was perfectly square, with rounded corners, and I imagine that is likely to change again at some point when Alex gets back to working on it.

As seen in the thread I linked to, you can get exterior shots of a stardrifter. If your stardrifter runs out of fuel, you can send an emergency help request. After a couple minutes or so, an AI drifter should swing by your own, transfer a bit of fuel, and be on its way. It might be kind of hard to get a shot from a measurable angle that way though. : P
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. /../A precise drawing of the.../ 1
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