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written by Yatshen on Feb 16, 2012 21:38
Excuse my being a newbie, but... is there any sound than is supposed to be in the game, like footsteps or some ambience? Or is there some mechanism to add it?
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written by Neuzd on Feb 16, 2012 21:49
Noctis II had some experimental sound, but in the following iterations it was dropped.
As for integrating sound in Noctis IV, I wouldn't even know how to do it and if with the crappy DOS support in today's Microsoft OSs it would be actually doable.But you're welcome trying: the source is public.

Oh, and of course, welcome explorer!
To better answer your direct question: no, there's no sound in Noctis.
written by Yatshen on Feb 16, 2012 22:01
My oh my, and by now my best program is still a calculator. Well, looks like I'll have to learn eventually... That is, if I'm not stuck writing some space opera based on the Guide. Which I do not guarantee.
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written by Neuzd on Feb 16, 2012 22:12
Writing some fanfiction? That's nice, I would like to see it as most in-canon possible, but this is only a very personal preference, (although I know other experienced stardrifters will agree), in the end you can obvously do whatever you feel like.

Some useful links may be found in the Noctis official thread and don't forget to check the links in the sidebar, as there should be interesting infos also there.
The manual in the game folder is your best source of in-canon material.
Also if you'd like an easier way to read the GUIDE, there's GOESXNET, but it surely isn't as charming and atmospheric as reading it from the GOES console.
I consider what's in the GUIDE to be "current history" and I always wished someone would write something starting from there : )
written by Cryoburner on Feb 17, 2012 00:04
I find the ambient sounds in Noctis II to be rather nice, however limited they are. You do likely need to run it in DOSBox to get the sounds working on modern systems, though Noctis II performs much better in DOSBox than Noctis IV does.

I had actually been thinking recently that it could be possible to add basic ambient sounds in Noctis IV without handing the sounds themselves in DOS. Basically, all that would need to be changed on the Noctis executable's end would be for it to write to a file indicating details of the current audio environment. A separate executable could continuously monitor the file, and handle playback of the appropriate sound effects for that environment. With the most basic implementation, it might just indicate the current sector's biome and weather data. A more advanced implementation could indicate things like proximity to the ocean within the sector, whether the player is walking, when lightning flashes, etc. The helper app could then combine and play back the corresponding sounds as needed. If the player's location within the sector and rotation were reported, it might also add positional stereo effects to the soundscape.

This seems like something that wouldn't be too hard to add, since the more complex programming could be handled in a more modern programming environment. On the DOS side, you'd basically just be writing various stats to a file.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Feb 17, 2012 01:13
That is a horrible, terrible, hacky solution. I like it!
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