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written by Kristos on Jun 13, 2012 23:56
Question: Are we all necessarily Felysians? Not that I have plans to be non-felysian, though wings would be cool. And Cryo-R wants to be a psychic hopper. :-P

written by Logicalerror on Jun 14, 2012 00:17
If you want you can be a hopper or flyer, but someone else would probably catch and eat you

You're ideas weren't as much confusing they just "felt" off topic to me personally. Mostly because of your setting "not based on Noctis"
written by Kristos on Jun 14, 2012 02:10

Yes, my ideas were very off topic.

Who wants their character to be allergic to cats?
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written by Cryoburner on Jun 14, 2012 03:54
I think Kristos's ideas formed from the general agreement that a Noctis based forum game might be difficult to pull off well, seeing as Felisians don't usually associate with one another, and Noctis in general tends to lack goals and limitations, and probably wouldn't translate all that well into an RPG. In any case, I might be willing to try a Noctis forum game if one were presented. : P

I do think the 'Alpha Saltum' idea may be worth pursuing as well though. Perhaps some time could be spent expanding on game mechanics, a general map of the landing site's surroundings, and so on. Maybe it could have more detailed stats and combat like a more traditional tabletop RPG. I like a lot of the concepts described in that West Marches article. The wreckage of the landing craft could be the safe-haven, taking the place of a town. Using chat for 'live' expeditions would probably be ideal from a gameplay standpoint, but might not work too well with our different time zones and schedules. Forum based expeditions would probably work as well though, but be much slower paced. Or maybe it could take the form of a survival-based multiplayer video game. : D

This can't be considered off-topic when there's a question mark in the thread's title. : P
written by Logicalerror on Jun 14, 2012 19:43
Just gimme your characters so we can start
written by Kristos on Jun 15, 2012 02:50
Logic, you should have taken your picture from a different frame of that animated image. Grin.

Yeah, I wish there was more seriousness in Paranoia. I'd hate to see it without the humour, but...
written by Logicalerror on Jun 15, 2012 11:48
I changed it to fit my personality better.

So it may seem serious and may not, it all depends on YOU, and your fellow players of course.

Better get those characters in before i start slacking

edit: besides, the other frames don't look very good in larger resolutions( of :"cat": )
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