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written by Kristos on Jun 12, 2012 00:19
A few weeks ago, one day, I decided to try playing Noctis in my head. I was going to just jump right into the game in my head and explore a planet. I did not expect it to work out well because... well... how can one surprise oneself with a world oneself generates? Well, surprised I was.

I immediately began on a green life-supporting planet, as I expected. In one direction there was one of those characteristic deep pits that sometimes have water at the bottom. In the other direction was a nice hill. I was surprised by what was on top of the hill. Two statues that I did not in the least expect. I never meant to think them up, but there they were. My session of Mental Noctis immediately ceased less than a minute into the game. I opened my eyes, grabbed a pencil and paper, and sketched up my best jab at what I saw.

cd/jpgs/Kristos/mnoctis (748 Kb)

I don't know what's up with the statue to the left. Perhaps it represents the locator beam thingy. The statue to the right is a cartoony happy cat.
written by Logicalerror on Jun 12, 2012 21:54
What are those things at the bottom of each statue? Are they wheels? Could these be the rolling chairs of some lavish civilization of giants
anyway, mental noctis sounds like fun, maybe i should try it some day.
written by Kristos on Jun 13, 2012 03:10
The triangles at the bottom? I believe you have lived up to your namesake. No, those are not wheels! That is just the odd stands the statues are on. A cross-beam with four triangular ground supports.

In my engineering homework triangles represent connections that can support directional loads but not moments: pinned supports. But those are not pinned supports. Those are... I guess welded. I didn't get a close look. Grin.

Oh, and you should reply to the question I asked you as well as the question I asked everybody in the thread you started, "Noctis RPG". Thanks!
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written by Skinnymon on Jun 16, 2012 05:11
Having given this topic a cursory glance, a thought did occur to me that the Felisian drawing seems considerably similar to the multi-faceted rocks found on quartz surface worlds. But then, considering the amount of time that I personally have spent investigating those, that may be just a biased opinion.

I considered offering my usual illustrated comments, even to the extent of revisiting Temp. But let it go, it was a bit esoteric.

Then, during a recent landing on a dark sector of a dusty, craterized world, I sighted a small peak/large rock in the distance for investigation. Upon reaching the more starlit side, the light reflective areas began to resemble a Felisian face, if it is looked at not really closely and not focusing on the spot pattern (like averted vision in astronomy, focus slightly to the side). Oh well, it comes from real Noctis.

cd/pngs/Skinnymon/felrock (24 Kb)

Hey! Maybe it is a sign left by the Ancients. More likely it is a bit like seeing shapes in clouds...
Or maybe just some really gooooooooood catnip...
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