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written by Kristos on Jul 03, 2012 04:37
Okay, I'm doing this. I'm starting a new RPG. This can coexist with Noctis RPG. The demands of this one are whatever you want. If people participate, wonderful! If nobody does I will probably continue the story anyway.

If you want to join this, please PM me and I will start your character off somehow. Feel free to suggest things about where you begin, who you are, what sort of creature you are, what items you have, your backstory, etc.

Pretty much nothing is decided about the story yet, so a great deal of creativity can shape the story a lot right now.

Dryff (Rhymes with LIFE, STRIFE, KNIFE, WIFE, etc. Pronounced like "DRIFT" without the "T".)

1) Obey all the rules.
2) Be reasonable.

You private message what you do. I post what really happens. You can be as long and colorful or as short and vague as you like. I will try to be really colorful with my GM posts. You may play multiple characters if you wish. We'll start with keeping identities secret and see how that works.

For now, you may post any questions you have directly to this topic. We can start an OOC thread later if needed.

So it begins...

A creature awakens, lying on a mat of soft dry leaves. He is startled by the unfamiliar surroundings: a dim nook in a pale stone with dark flecks. From the opening to the right, tree tops can be seen down below. The stone, which is also accented with spots of bright green moss, protects the creature from cool precipitation that patters on the canopy below. Head almost to the ceiling, he sits up and stretches. An array of pale grey feathers suddenly spring into both sides of his peripheral vision! Startled, the creature soon realizes that the feathered objects are wings. Specifically, his wings. Since when do I have wings? Soon he notices that his whole body is covered in feathers, mostly a darker shade of grey. What am I? Have I always been this way?

Looking around, the creature spots loose pebbles arranged to spell "Keln". Keln... maybe that is my name. As if to verify, suddenly a pair of small birds fly up and squawk "Keln! Keln!" and stand, expectantly.
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written by Kristos on Jul 03, 2012 20:08
Another note:
Just to clarify, your participation is as involved or uninvolved as you wish. Not only can you say what you (attempt to) do, but you can also suggest what other things might happen. Though I do not have to follow your suggestion. XD Example messages you could send to me are:
  • "I do something."
  • "I venture into the woods and look for something edible. If I find something edible, I eat some and gather some for later."
  • "While exploring in a deep patch of ferns I stumble across a large hole concealed by the greenery. Climbing into it reveals a cave chamber. Climbing in also reveals the need for a portable light source. Or perhaps a little ingenuity. So I take out the silvered plates and set up a network of mirrors to discover and light all the important paths and points..."
  • ...
    Now back to the story:
    In the cliff-side nook:
    As he stretches his wings more, flapping them about, bits of memory come back to Keln. Yes, he always had wings. It is odd to think that such an integral part of himself could be so easily forgotten. I must have flown up here... maybe this is where I always sleep? Keln attempts to call back more memories. A picture of a small, deep red fruit or berry appears in his mind as his tongue recalls a sweet flavor. Perhaps in a bit of a daydream, Keln is startled back to reality when the two green birds again squawk "Keln! Keln!", then fly off into the advancing morning light. I guess I better go see what this is about. And maybe find some of those berries too. And so the bird-like creature extends his wings and jumps off the cliff, following the motions of flight his muscles know so well.
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    written by Albeyamakiir on Jul 05, 2012 06:39
    I'm sorry, but if you want it to be pronounced like "strife", the second F must become an E. Currently, it sounds like "drift" without the T. That said, there's nothing wrong with that (and I even prefer it).

    It sounds like we can create our own character (and not restricted to any real creature), but we could alternatively leave it up to you, with just some vague ideas about what sort of character we want? Is that right?
    Do we get any idea of if anyone is playing? Or who's character is who's? Or do we just assume that other people are playing if there are other characters (which actually sounds kinda' cool)?

    Should there be an OOC thread?

    This sounds interesting (and it's about time someone actually did something. I suspect the Noctis RPG idea might not get anywhere, due to it's nature). I might participate, but I'm also considering just waiting to see where it goes a bit before I do... Not sure.
    written by Kristos on Jul 05, 2012 15:29
    I know it doesn't follow typical pronunciation rules. But English pronunciation rules are used more as guidelines anyway. I consider this spelling reasonable to assume pronounced "DRIFE", especially if you think of the word as coming from another language. However, I think you well advise me to change it. Stand by as I employ my powers of linguistic alteration! An odd "beep" sounds. The pronunciation now rhymes with "RIFF".

    Yes, you can create your own character. It is not restricted to any real creature. You could even be a robot or a plant if your really want to. Haha. And, yes, you can go anywhere from leaving it completely up to me to play your character to telling me everything your character does, to even suggesting the unfolding events from that action.

    I didn't really think about that but, yes, the default will be anonymous identities. You can even play more than one character if you want. Or even have somebody else play your character for a while just to confuse people.

    Presently I think an OOC thread would be an unnecessary waste of the not-really-that-much-used thread listing. If this picks up and sees a lot of OOC stuff, or if people suggest it, then such a thread could be created.
    written by Kristos on Jul 05, 2012 18:19
    Well, apparently Keln's flight muscles need to be recalibrated. The unfortunate bird-beast plummets through the air and splashes into a conveniently located mud pit! The now brown creature drags himself out of the mud and onto the damp sandy soil. This precipitation will quickly cure the undesirable coating. Keln observes that he is in a small clearing with a trail heading both ways along the cliff face. Directly away from the cliff is a forest well populated with a few species of tree and quite a lot of species of plants and brush. While the canopy was seen to be green, the lower leaves that do not recieve direct sunlight are various colors of blue and brown. But there are many "windows" of sunlight throughout the wood, allowing more verdant growth to flourish.
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    Deep in the forest:
    Apparently in a mood for adventure, Keln ignores the paths and dives right into the forest, blindly running directly away from the cliff face, dodging shrubbery and greyish brown tree trunks. The ground is mostly covered in leaves, though a dark, rich soil can be seen in some places. Thick slabs of bark and faded leaves lie in piles around a particularly large species of tree. Upon one of these piles Keln trips and lands sliding across the damp ground. He's dirty again. But before that thought can be processed, spots of red, contrasted against the bright green and duller tones of the forest, catch his eyes. Berries! The bird-beast travels another twenty meters and discovers a bush bearing small red fruits that feel more familiar than anything he has seen so far. In his usual reckless manner, he consumes half of them. They are sweet to the taste with a slight hint of tartness. Now satisfied, Keln begins walking in a random direction. Does he desparately want to be lost? Oh well, at least he is no longer running. For the first time, he notices that, beyond plants, he has seen no life or signs of life in the wood. I wonder where those birds went...
    written by Kristos on Jul 09, 2012 20:20
    Deep in the forest:
    Wanting to get sight of the cliff face for orientation, Keln makes an attempt to fly. But he is too weak and the jungle is too dense. So, going with a second plan, he walks to quite a beast of a tree and attempts to climb. Making good use of several reddish-brown vines Keln climbs the trunk until he arrives at a dense network of branches. Thick patches of leaves now surround him, the darkness becoming very deep. The rain is now falling quite heavily, accented by thunderous booms. Perhaps climbing a tree was not the best idea. Even if Keln reached the top and did not get struck by lightning, he probably could not see the stone face through the storm. Oh well. At least the leaves are effectively shedding rain away from the trunk. While sitting on a large branch Keln hears a quiet insect-like sound.

    Deep in the ocean!
    Oh look- what is this? A bright flash. The deep boils! Slowly, a great eyelid lifts to reveal a narrow glowing yellow eye. Synonymous with evil, the slit-like retina scans the depths. Centuries ago this event was foretold. And now, from a great slumber, an ancient evil awakens...
    Oh wait, no, it's just another sea serpent sneezing. The most misunderstood of monsters, sea serpents are the epitome of mishap. Friendly by nature it is only by accident that they frequently cause mass destruction by fire, water, and the sheer force of their great mass upon any unfortunate obstacle. This sea serpent, who, like all others, has no name, is presently scavaging for food along the ocean floor. Presently she locates a nice sized unidentifiable corpse and begins her meal. That... is disgusting. But I am sure the other creatures enjoy having a nice clean ocean floor.
    written by Kristos on Jul 13, 2012 15:37
    On a tree branch:
    In the bright sunlight Keln's eyes would allow him to spot a blade of grass half a mile away. Practically blind in this blue darkness Keln waits for the source of the quiet but clear sound to reveal its identity. The sound, almost like clicking, repeats, this time closer, this time clearly distinguishable from the dull noise of the storm (dulled by the thick layers of leaves). The sound sparks an image of a small thin insect in Keln's mind. He attempts to catch the bug with a quick swipe, but the sound of tiny wings fluttering follows. Keln follows the sound back to the ground where the bug repeatedly fails in its attempts to fly.

    Back at the cliff:
    As the edge of the storm retreats Keln's roost is lit by the golden sunset, the entire cliff face sparkling with dripping water. A different bird-beast alights in the white cliff side. This one is entirely brown, presumably also male. Breathing heavily, apparently exhausted, the beast mutters "Ah, what a nasty place for a fall." Looking down to the mud pit far below, he adds "Well prepared though. Smart one."
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    In the forest:
    I had trouble flying... and now this bug too. How peculiar. It's good to see something living other than plants. Keln looks around for a sense of direction. Everything looks the same. At least the storm is clearing up. Unsure of what direction to head, he simply follows the bug. Soon a thick flowery smell fills the air as the canopy clears and a more verdant patch of jungle is found. The sound of frogs croaking eases the silent tension. Large and small pools of water are scattered around, from which thick groups of brown vines with large purple flowers grow. Beams of light come and go as clouds block and shift sunlight.

    At the cliff:
    The brown fowl launches from the cliff side to fly over the canopy, occasionally landing on a branch to rest, listening for anything interesting. After covering a significant area he hears another bird-beast talking to something.
    written by Kristos on Jul 19, 2012 18:39
    Somewhere in the forest:
    The brown bird-beast climbs through the canopy to an almost swampy part of the forest floor. There he sees the grey fellow, a bit surprised, watching his arrival. "Hey, who are you talking to?"

    Keoln responds, "I... don't think I was talking. Who are you, and where am I?"

    "I am Siff, one of the messengers. We are standing in the Bulungi Jungle. And who are you? Are you the one with the roost on the white cliff, perchance?"
    written by Kristos on Jul 19, 2012 18:51
    A dark room in a hut somewhere:
    A voice: "It's getting worse. The animals are fleeing to other parts of the world. Our food sources are diminishing. Our way of life is falling apart. Who would have though that such a simple thing would be the end of our species?"

    A second voice: "It is not the end. I tell you... again. All we need to do is find a new place. Change is the way of the world."

    First voice: "But do you not think this change will engulf the world? Do you think in so short a time we can evolve and adapt? Everything, every creature, every plant is at risk."

    A third voice: *laughs* "You say we all sit here and die. And you say we run. Change? Nothing has changed here. We were always cowards. Yes, the world is changing. And so we also must change. And we must fight for our survival!"

    Second voice: "But what do we fight? What is our foe?"

    Third voice, with a sad tone: "That, I do not know."
    written by Kristos on Jul 31, 2012 15:53
    (I was enjoying writing this but I may stop for the time being because I started a roleplay on the Minecraft forums. (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1359329-saffice-land-of-the-petmasters-accepting/) I'll probably still post to this occasionally. Probably.)
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