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written by Xifeng on Sep 18, 2012 01:49
Hello, I just started playing Noctis recently, and I really like it. I've had some weird experiences that I don't know if they are bugs or features or what. I've been switching versions a bit, but mostly NIV+ and NICE

First one I noticed was invisible walls, sometimes I'll be holding lfet-click or have 9 on, and I'll suddenly start going sideways, I can probe out a fairly solid invisible wall sometimes. Is this related to distance from the lander?

Next is sometimes I will "pass out" -- screen goes blank, comes back on in a different location, I go a few steps, then "wake up" back where I started, and the lander flies over to land next to me.

Last one is in NIV+ for sure, I landed on a Felysian moon where everything above a horizontal line looked normal, and everything below it was glowing brightly. I can probably re-locate that, I didn't take pictures at the time because I was in "find good pictures" mode. I'd landed on other glowing planets, but before it was around a blue giant so I assumed it was just the lighting.

I'm using the bootable USB on a Sony Vaio. Would love to know what's going on.
written by Cryoburner on Sep 18, 2012 02:40
Yes, in NIV/NIV+ you'll encounter "invisible walls" a certain distance from the lander. Noctis IV was made in DOS, and due to limitations with the environment, you could only explore one sector at a time. I suppose the invisible wall could be thought of as a limitation to the maximum range of communications with your landing capsule, or something similar. Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch. : P If you want to visit the next sector over, you'll need to return to the Drifter to do so.

NICE added a feature where when you reach the edge of one sector, you'll travel to the edge of the next sector. This is the "passing out" you encounter there. The borders between sectors don't match up very well, since that was never part of the original design, so the terrain around you may change. It can be thought of as walking some distance to the next sector during the blank-out period, after which you resume your exploration. Noctis V was to address this with continuous planetary surface travel, but it was put on hold for some time, and it's difficult to say when it will ever be released. You should expect it "not anytime soon." : P

As for the glowing terrain below the horizon, it may have been one of the crystalline "quartz" planets that have semitransparent surface terrain in some sectors.
written by Xifeng on Sep 19, 2012 02:38
Ah, thanks, that makes sense. That would explain why it seemed to happen repeatedly: I'd see some terrain, walk toward it, teleport, then look around and see something interesting back in the direction I came from (not recognizing it as such)

Transparent surface sounds consistent with what I saw. This game just keeps surprising me.
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written by Skinnymon on Sep 19, 2012 05:41
Yes, the Invisible Wall effect is what I refer to as "The Leash"- meaning that there is a certain distance limitation imposed on the explorer by the ship's tracking devices, (though Cryo's communications limitaton is just as good: whatever fits in the storyline). I never used NICE much, but I remember that sector thing vaguely- but then, IMUO, NICE is an alternative reality version of NIV.

And from the description, you did find one of the (not terribly frequent, but there to be found) Transparent (quartz) surface worlds. Depending on the kind, they can be fun to explore, but picture taking is tricky (to understand what it is you were taking a picture of).

Oh well, enjoy what you find. And feel free to share with us. (And if things were there when you land one time, and then disappear the next, well... I guess I'm resident expert on that)

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. /../Invisible walls, passing out.../ 1
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