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written by Skinnymon on Jan 13, 2013 07:02

Since this is the Whatever section, it fits in here, but I will ask your pardon for venting my disgust.

Hopefully, none of the members here think that the tragedy that happened at the elementary school here in the United States is in any way acceptable. What has me displeased is the sanctimonious and absurdist media here (not limited to a certain network whose initials are F-O-X, who are always guaranteed to be absurdist, imuo.)

They do tend to ignore the fact that the purpetrator was mentally unstable [OK, crazier than a shithouse rat, to use an American expression.] and that fact was not properly dealt with- as is unfortunately the status quo.

And the gigantic amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth in the darkeness about the availability of firearms that are only useful for dealing out death to humans seems to have only brought forth discord by those who feel it is necessary to have such weapons in their possession. Which is not what I am discussing here, though I mention it.

But rather, they have also focused in their absurdist fashion on the concept that "violent video games" make (at least "some") our youth into drooling bloodthirsty homocidal maniacs.

And so, on this evening's media brainwash called "news", they highlighted a story about a Trade In (or Buy Back, whatever) so that (one assumes to assuage parental conscience more than the "youth" being protected) for these so-called "violent" games. [one step closer to "Fahrenheit 451" mentality, imuo. Of course Hitler tried that with books. And, lost in the archive of history, it was also done with Beatle records, but again I digress.]

Which leads me to make a comment in regard to this pretzel logic:

<sarcasm>Who cares about violent games? If you want to get rid of things that cause death to children and adults in the hands of the mentally unstable, let us get rid of the one thing that causes more deaths than mere firearms or any other kind of weapons.


you may now go back to ignoring me, as usual

written by Kristos on Jan 13, 2013 19:19
I'm not really sure what you are saying other than something like "the main media channels in the USA twist everything" which I might agree with. I guess honest reporting isn't as interesting to most people here...
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Jan 14, 2013 11:29
I find USA one of the most amusing places of the world.

Of course, it is amusing because I don't live there.
written by Kynreeve on Jan 14, 2013 13:40
Yeah, idiots keep believing that it's all about cause and effect. And the more simple the sequence, the more obvious and incontestable to masses the problem is. "Guns > psychopaths > murders" or "Video games > maniacs > murders". "Cars > drunks > incidents". And so on.

A common anti-acne ointment advertisement today yells: "You won't be a happy person because no one will love you EVER if you have pimples on your face". Even the tiniest imperfection in your body or personality ("Be a happy girl/guy! Sad feelings are for losers") is thought about as a serious issue that makes you a defective piece of crap.

In my opinion, the incessant pressure caused by media and a lot of time spent being ignored by parents/friends/society can make some people go mad. As for guns and cars, these can be easily replaced with rocks and sticks.
written by Kristos on Jan 15, 2013 02:59
Translation: I agree.
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