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written by Henrib736 on Mar 09, 2013 14:20
Hi everyone,

Right now I'm using DosBox for my Win7 PC. I've configured it to run smoothly, but the GOES Console will not work. Any ideas?

Thank you.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Mar 09, 2013 16:59
What do you mean with "not working"?
Does the screen appear totally empty, or you don't have a cursor to type in, you get some kind of error message or no message at all when running a module?

Providing the most informations about your problem is the most secure way for us to catalog a new and unexpected error generated by Noctis...erm, I mean, the most secure way that we get an idea of what is happening at your side, and maybe find a solution.
written by Henrib736 on Mar 10, 2013 01:39
Wait, nevermind!

At first, I moved noctis.exe from "modules" up one directory because it wouldn't work in dosbox otherwise.

Then, I wondered if the other modules needed to be in the same directory as noctis.exe, so I moved all the modules up from that directory up one directory and it worked!

I don't think you needed the story, but I gave it to you anyway.

Sorry to waste your time!
written by Kristos on Mar 14, 2013 17:25
Are you running the original Noctis IV in DosBox? I could never get that to work, though Noctis works fine without it.
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