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written by Henrib736 on Mar 10, 2013 03:59
there seems to be two HUDs when I open Noctis. It looks like there is one HUD that is aligned with my screen, and there is another one on top of that one that is shifted slightly down and to the right.

Does anybody know why this is happening?
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written by Speeder on Mar 11, 2013 14:18
I must say that I never saw this before.

You are not seeing two HUDs, you are seeing the entire screen duplicated (notice how you can see the stars twice too).

EDIT: fixed typo
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written by Selbio on Mar 15, 2013 02:44
If you're still using DOSBox, you probably need to change your video system. For reference, I'm using output=opengl successfully.
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. /../Two HUDs/ 1
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