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written by Malkom on May 02, 2013 05:51
(that's the working title, anyway)

This is a story. Somewhat inspired by Homestuck's format (okay, okay, I admit it, I've read some Homestuck), but with different aims and themes in mind, I decided to try and post it in the games forum and allow peoples' suggestions, combined with my own imagination, words and some pixelly pictures (this is the kind of ludicrously silly stuff I do with my dad's very expensive graphics software late at night), to help drive the narrative. I have a couple of vague ideas but don't really know what I'm doing. This may go on for a while or even (gasp!) get finished... or I might lose inspiration and fail to continue. You never know.

(If it wasn't obvious this is a suggestion kind of thing, except I might not always use every or the first or even any suggestion. We'll see how it rolls.)

I have no idea what response I'll get with this but I feel like I've been blabbing forever so I'll just shut up also forgive the possibly low quality of artwork in here hopefully I improve eventually

A ship careens through verdant skies, crossing a pathless sea...

It is observed. Two figures, one young, one more mature, on a lofty perch taken reverently from a dying nautilus.

You are about twelve years old. Several windy, sea-filled days ago you were saved from an inunduation of fire and cannon shells by the Trader who is now your guardian. She moves aloof, mysterious, shrouded in cloth and stillness like the grey shapes that now and again stir beneath the moving mantle that is named the ocean.

The fact that everything you used to know and love is gone, irreplacably, irrepairably, irrevocably, has yet to sink past your mind's stunned disbelief and reach the center of your being, where heart and understanding live. It will soon, and when it does there will be a heavy price to pay, but for now there is only the wind blowing against your face and the sea going on and on and on.

The vessel diminishes to a glimmering speck and is swallowed up by vast distances. The green glow of its passage fades away and all is still again.

Who are you? What will you do?
written by Kristos on May 02, 2013 13:07
I really like the pictures and the story beginning... but shouldn't this be in "Member's Projects"? How is it at all a Forum Game?
written by Malkom on May 02, 2013 15:05
I was soliciting responses from people, so I thought it fit better in forum games. I guess some mod could move it to Projects if they feel it fits better there, either way's fine with me.

EDIT: I guess I should clarify, it wasn't that clear: I was imagining this in a sort of... forum-suggestion-game-ish format... thing. Kind of like this in format, though not content.

Also, thanks!
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written by Malkom on May 03, 2013 15:58
Update tiem! No suggestions, so I just made stuff.

still not satisfied with the art... I need to study anatomy, specially faces. Maybe I'll find the book I got on it today and try to learn something. but meh. Gotta start somewhere. There need to be more darks, especially in the second image, but I'm not going to mess around any more right now.
> Enter name.

You were named Quinn on the day you were born, and you bear that name still. There is no need for things to be otherwise. There has never been such a need. There probably never will be such a need. It is ridiculous to assume otherwise.

> Quinn: enquire.

You pad up next to your self-appointed guardian angel, who is gazing out at the horizon where the depths of space swallowed the vessel. Sometimes you feel that she wears a mantle of cool quietness all about her; either way, being near her makes the evening's silence deeper and more beautiful. By her watchfulness she brings you to notice the things all around you you never saw before.

You clear your throat. "Enna?"

Enna has a deep voice with a lilting smooth accent, like rich smoke on the wind. She gives a small start beneath the dark cloth that covers her, then relaxes, looking down at you. "Yes, little one?"

"What was that?"

A small sigh breathes past Enna's lips as her gaze rises back to the horizon. In the stillness a seabird calls, and as the echoes die Enna speaks again, quietly. "An Imperial Blade. A messenger bird of the House of Scand. They are dangerous." She turns slowly to look at the opposite horizon. "I do not know why it would be here, so far from its native strongholds. And traveling in that direction... it is worrying."

The sounds of the sea descend again, soft and going on forever. You feel an uneasy stillness in the pit of your stomach that you can't define, an irking twist you can't seem to unravel.

The sinking sun kisses the horizon, and the breeze on your face seems cooler.
written by Kristos on May 04, 2013 16:11
Cool. So... are you wanting suggestions on what happens next? I feel like you have some idea for where the story is going and since I don't have those ideas, I feel like suggestions would be misplaced. But if you want suggestions from a clueless curious fellow I'll be happy to give some.
written by Malkom on May 04, 2013 23:19
Kristos said:
Cool. So... are you wanting suggestions on what happens next? I feel like you have some idea for where the story is going and since I don't have those ideas, I feel like suggestions would be misplaced. But if you want suggestions from a clueless curious fellow I'll be happy to give some.
I do have some stuff kind of planned out, yeah. Somewhat. I'm thinking of just having this moved to the Projects subforum eventually...

But I wouldn't mind getting a few random suggestions if you want to give them If something fun pops out I wouldn't mind following it up a little. Also I suppose that a bit of setting exposition wouldn't be totally amiss, in moderation.
written by Malkom on May 09, 2013 17:59
Oh, hey! It's an update! Some "low-key" art in this one. I haven't really done anything daytime/detailed yet... heh...

Also, I have updates written ahead up to something like #07. Admittedly some of them are short, but more ideas have crystallized since I last posted... also I could critique myself. quite a bit. but that always seems to be true
> Enna and Quinn: stargaze.

The sun sets suddenly, one moment there, the next gone. After the water's dazzle and flash the darkness is thick to your eyes; for some time you can barely see.

Enna rustles next to you, like a dark, warm shadow. After a while she takes your hand. "They say among the tribes that the stars hold secrets," she murmurs. "I've never seen more than distance there. Maybe it's a dream that died before I was born."

Enna points out the constellations one by one, guiding you through the sky until you drift into sleep listening to the faint sound of the sea hundreds of feet below.

> Enna: enquire.

[[You are now the Skyborne Traveler.]]

You pull off your hood and run your fingers through your hair, letting it flow in the cool wind which has picked up since sunset. Red hair . . . the sign of a mage. It is often unwise to be seen with such.

A faint whine pierces the great stillness. It's probably only your ears ringing. Time to get down to business.

You rummage in the cargo and pull out your vision stone. It's fragile, so you keep it wrapped in many layers of cloth against being jarred in flight, but tonight is a calm enough night and there shouldn't be any trouble.

This... can't be right.

Three of the Great Dreams, dead. In one night. You've never seen more than one depart in a week before, and that on a bad week, and even so... of the two hundred that existed when you first came to know of them only forty-one now remain alive.

You really don't want to be the one who has to deal with this. You don't want to think about how much time might be left. You want to think less about how hopeless it seems, how much you feel like just giving up. The vastness of your self-appointed task is stifling, like breathing in oily wool with a heavy weight on your back. You have yet to save or even see so much as one Dream.

This path, this course you are taking, is your last resort. You are travelling into the deep north. Those who return from it report vast stretches of sea and sometimes fantastic beings - dragons, cephalopods, nautilus of truly massive size drifting far up in the sky. Once you are deep within it you will try for the last time to send out a Call and pray that someone or something wiser than yourself will answer. You are more than ready to give up the strain of needing to somehow fix this gods-forsaken mess.

A thin, irking noise buzzes at the edge of your hearing. What could be...?
written by Logicalerror on May 11, 2013 03:01
We're already flying, why not take a "short" detour off into space where we chart all the worlds of all the stars into our vision stone?
written by Malkom on May 31, 2013 20:55
HUUUUUUPDAAAATE! :3 Also I think the last art was a bit TOO dark.

Also, thank you for the suggestion Logicalerror! I don't think there's going to be space travel, at least not happening to this character at this moment, but I may be able to work some spacey stuff in. Space stuff is always fun.

maybe I should have put in a bit of 'filler' to foreshadow this more... oh well. also, no one is going to die.


So that's what that was.
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