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i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 20, 2013 22:46
I was trying to play Ring Runner and the game was hell buggy.

After some clashes with the developer, he told me to go check if my laptop is not one of those that "automatically" decide what card to use...

I did remember playing MechWarrior Online and it setting up configurations for Intel HD 4000, but I assumed since there are lots of nVidia stickers glued on the laptop, that it was just the name of where the monitor was attached (some other places in windows reported it like that)

But I did a google search and indeed, there is a thing (that nowhere my manual state) named "nVidia Optimus" that attempt to save power by making games it deems not demanding enough to use Intel HD 4000 instead of the nVidia GPU...

And of course, Intel HD 4000 being the terrible display adapter it is, just make your games suck hard while you scratch your head wondering what the hell is broken in your shiny nVidia card.

Then I found on the driver settings, how to manually force Ring Runner to use nVidia card... And whooray! Bugs are gone!

Seriously, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate that Optimus thing (Also to boot, I found on google lots of complaints that it breaks Linux)
written by E_net4 on Sep 21, 2013 10:25
Oh... So you made a new topic just to make this particular rant?

I honestly find Optimus useful. I have it on my new computer, and it took me some time to realise some applications weren't actually using the dedicated graphics card, but it's an improvement when we think of the many applications that don't really need a powerful, higher-consumption GPU. And for those where you really need power, you already know how to change that.

So... yeah.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 21, 2013 15:39
The problem with Optimus is that its guesses are terrible.

It for example decided to use the GPU for Wolfenstein 3D (yes, the DOS one), and Intel for some AAA games :/
written by E_net4 on Sep 22, 2013 10:16
I could nearly imagine it choosing the dedicated graphics card for DosBox ( if that's what you really mean ). Sure it's not perfect, but you can always change that without spending more than 1 minute. I faced that myself with Poker Night at the Inventory. The solution was to manually force it to use the dedicated card. Like, yay.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 22, 2013 15:06
Still, that was not in the manual, or disclosed anywhere on the laptop.

And it is not obvious eithe from the nVidia control panel.

It took me a developer (that optimus frequently judges wrong) to tell me to switch.
written by Cryoburner on Sep 22, 2013 15:12
While it might be problematic in some cases, it seems like overall a decent feature to have, even if it errs on the side of using integrated graphics more often. You probably don't want your web browser activating your dedicated graphics card and running down your battery just because it supports WebGL, after all. It doesn't seem too unreasonable to set up profiles for games you want to force to use the dedicated hardware. Compared to what it used to often take to get games running as expected, this should require minimal effort. You can apparently also enable a taskbar icon that indicates whether the graphics card is active or not, which might be useful.
written by E_net4 on Sep 22, 2013 18:23
Speeder said:
Still, that was not in the manual, or disclosed anywhere on the laptop.
That's odd, considering my laptop had "ego boosts" all over the Internet about it. You might also find the statement of it featuring Optimus with a simple search.

Anyways, we aren't going anywhere with this, are we?
written by Kristos on Oct 19, 2013 16:27
I have a dual Intel/AMD graphics card setup on my laptop. You can manually set it to only use the Intel, or to automatically choose. It lets you specify for each program what graphics card to use, but there are problems:
  • Some programs are not recognized. For one game, since I cannot set the game to use the AMD card, I run a text editor in the background and have it set to run the AMD card. This causes the game to also use the AMD card.
  • The option to ask which card to use for each program crashes many programs.
  • Some games, even if set to use the AMD card, still only think I have an Intel card, and refuse to run.
  • The background process that controls automatic switching takes up a lot of system resources.
  • Seriously, why not just also allow a full manual override in addition to the automatic switching?

    Also, my processor fan is controlled by a buggy Windows process. Sometimes when I come out of standby or hibernate the fan won't turn back on, and I notice my keyboard getting super hot. On Linux I had to install some Dell fan control program so that the fan wouldn't be stuck on max, like it is during boot/bios/anything else.
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