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written by Przem on Oct 09, 2013 07:19
Hi there,

I am new there, on forums, but I have been playing Noctis IV for a quite a long time. I love this game, it is so wonderful, with huge universe to explore, great sense of immersion and I can play it from boot floppy, which is a big plus for me.

I live in Poland, I am 23.
I am interested in music (I am also a composer - if you want to listen to my works - just drop me a line), electronics, computers, cars, hi-fi equipment and astronomy.

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written by Gligar on Oct 09, 2013 09:03
Hi, Przem! Enjoy your stay.
written by Przem on Oct 09, 2013 12:55
Thanks! Nice to meet you, Gligar
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written by Speeder on Oct 09, 2013 15:18

And share whatever nice you found there
written by Przem on Oct 09, 2013 18:56
Of course I will, Speeder!
I will make my own topic (which will be quite often updated ) with my screenshots soon
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written by Albeyamakiir on Oct 09, 2013 22:07
... You use a boot floppy in this day and age? O_o
*Brain asplodes*
written by Przem on Oct 10, 2013 09:54
I love DOS and all things related, including floppies. I can run Noctis on XP without any hassle, even on my laptop with Vista, but I feel a way better playing it from DOS environment, booting from floppy
Actually, I plan building DOS platform with portable LCD TV as a screen hooked to a HP T5520 terminal with DOS installed
written by Alderin on Oct 11, 2013 22:40
I have to wonder if a Raspberry Pi could emulate an older x86 with DOS, especially after seeing this:
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written by Gligar on Oct 11, 2013 22:53
Probably not what you're thinking of, but I know that the RPi can run DOSBox
written by Przem on Oct 13, 2013 08:57
I am not sure about the performance and responsiveness of the emulation. After all RPi's specs are quite low for that kind of job in my opinion.
written by Kristos on Oct 14, 2013 22:27
Hi! I'm in the United States of America. I like computer programming, composing music, writing stories, drawing pictures... and eating things that taste good! (And climbing trees!)

I remember my experience with floppy disks many many years ago. Most of my few megabytes of data went bad within a month. Maybe my body is an organic magnet.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Oct 14, 2013 22:38
I know a pastor that his body is a wonderful antenna for a certain frequency, and thus he was banned from using wireless microphones in certain places of the church (because when he do, his body picks up a broadcast radio station, and thus the church speakers end with lots of crazy noise and some of that station contents instead of whatever he was saying on his wireless mic)
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