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written by Speeder on Feb 28, 2014 11:35
I dunno how much people here plan to go, or if you know people plan to go...

But don't go, and tell people you like to not come here either.
The situation is dangerous here, there had been clashes, and the president said on the radio that she will call the army on protesters during the world cup.

Also protests, riots and vandalism attacks are likely to worsen, our economic situation is getting worse, specially food prices inflation (last year those were 40%), and a drought here made us lack water for both regular usage and to fuel our hidroelectric power plants.

When you have the government throwing stupid amounts of money at stadiums, while the population is starved, thirsty, and without electric power, then you can easily figure what the population want to do

Also some criminal organizations are riding the chaos and are very dangerous (one of them assassinated 100 cops out of duty recently, all of them in very public way, for example shooting them while they were inside a supermarket, or running one over and them shooting him when he was in the most busy street of the city)

And I know lots of people that are outright blame foreigners for all the shit and are planning in hurting them somehow.

Don't come to world cup here, seriously.

And the stadiums are not even done, I dunno why someone would want to come...

(yes, some world cup stadiums won't have the construction completed when the world cup starts, and almost none of the non-stadium projects were done, no new trains, no new airports... one airport had to do a simple change, that was remove small rocks from near where A340 were planned to land, they did not removed those rocks, and now A340 cannot land on it, fucking up the airlines that now will have to figure how to bring all the passengers here with smaller planes)

EDIT: Just saw on the newspaper this really nice picture of our water reservoir:


This reservoir is supposed to be used by about 30 million people, it is down to 16% (note: two weeks ago it was 18%)
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written by Cryoburner on Feb 28, 2014 13:49
In other words, Speeder doesn't want you taking his parking spaces. : D

I was going to suggest that you don't have to worry about many people coming from the US, since not many care about FIFA here, but I just read that the US has the most tickets allocated to it of any country after Brazil itself. That's probably more due to it having a relatively large population with the means of travelling to a sporting event in another country more than anything though. And 125,000 tickets is still only about 0.04% of the US population, so it seems reasonable that a small fraction of a percent of the population might be interested in going. : P
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Feb 28, 2014 13:53
Nah, it is more like tickets are absurdly expensive and only US people can afford it
written by Cryoburner on Mar 01, 2014 03:52
Well, that was part of the "means of traveling to a sporting event in another country." The cost of airfare, lodging, Brazil nuts, transportation and so on probably adds up to a lot more than the tickets. Most visitors probably make a vacation out of it and do other things while they're there as well.
written by Kristos on Mar 03, 2014 21:58
Thank you for posting a warning. That sounds rough for a lot of people.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Mar 03, 2014 22:47
Some ghosts of the past are even coming back to haunt us...

Last time a left-wing government was elected, and pulled lots of stunts similar to this one, the population got unhappy and made a protest called "March for Family and God", the CIA was actually supporting that march, and later the US send here some aircraft carriers and helped the right-wing population, military and politicians to stage a coup.

The government was very, very, very repressive, it tortured people left and right, and had the habit to "disappear" people, specially people that pissed off CIA.

The thing is: after the dictatorship ended, the population elected again several left-wing politicians, and they are pulling the same stunts that led to the 1964 protests and coups... And many people noticing the similarities, are trying to do a coup again.

For example the "March for Family and God" was ressurected, it will happen in the same place even, and the retired military (active service cannot do that because it is a crime) had been writing a lot about their plans for a coup, and parts of the population do want a coup, the population is fed up, and concluded that being ruled by ruthless right-wing dictators is less worse than being ruled by a corrupt left-wing group...

Sadly, people might have a point here (example, during the military dictatorship the military sponsored citizens to arm themselves and patrol their street, obviously the objective was catch dissenters, but those also made crime very unlikely... also the military went batshit crazy in infrastructure expending, and the current government still relies on that infrastructure, that is obviously failing, since it was designed for 40 years ago and 70 million people, not 200 million...

What worries me is that before the world cup, those ghosts of the past were only ghosts, now the presence of the world cup has made nerves exacerbated, we had a rise in vigilantism, openly right-wing protests, and other stuff like that, and we might end with a bull-blow revolution Ukraine style...
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