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i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Oct 06, 2014 20:48
You know when you have all the games of the world in your computer, a bunch close to completing the main story, and you decide that you are bored and need another one?

I was feeling that way...

And decided that what I wanted to play now was Uplink...

I was thinking of getting it pirated, but then I remembered that I probably DO own it...

So I enter Humble Bundle site, login and...


So I decide to check gog.com, desura and steam... and yep, I think I have about 40 games I never installed. O.O
written by Kristos on Oct 08, 2014 12:57
I have a few games that I purposely bought that I have never installed/played because of limited hard drive space. Once I finish with some of my other games, I'll uninstall them to make room. There are just too many good games in this world.
written by Chad on Oct 28, 2014 01:21
I have 236 games in my Steam library. Played maybe about 20% of those, maybe 5% to completion.
written by Przem on Dec 01, 2014 14:56
Maybe that is so the games in a digital distribution era, in which we are undoubtedly living, are relatively cheap?
Also do consider all these 90% off deals or pay-what-you-want schemes all around the place and I think we have a thing that concludes it all.

For me it is like 'Oh a deal, I'd better buy it before it's too late. I know I don't have a freaking time to play it, but whatever, there will be a time when I do.' That's how my collection expands.
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. /../I think I have too much.../ 1
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