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written by Different55 on Dec 22, 2014 10:37
While I was sitting around the house being bored today, I managed to get NIV+ up and running on my phone:

I would have taken a nicer picture with the star visible in the frame, but I couldn't look up with just my touch screen and I couldn't find my USB mouse to plug into my phone. Maybe next time. I doubt I'd be able to do any cataloging on my phone, though. The console works fine and I was able to make it to Miracle normally, but it ran really slowly at 2-5FPS, which is about as well as my desktop was able to do on dosbox. The real problem is that, at that frame rate, it's pretty close to impossible to get Noctis to register a double right click.

I tried a bunch of different dosbox apps but the only one that worked for me was this ridiculously over the top version called magic dosbox. Everything in the app is fantasy themed.

All in all, not very useful yet, but one of these days phones will be able to take on something like this and keep it playable. It's decent for photo shoots in space, but I wouldn't try landing on a planet unless you have the patience of a rock. It takes around 5 or 10 minutes to land each time.
written by Balika on Mar 13, 2015 15:52
What kind of smartphone and OS do you use ?

Since I play Noctis, I keep telling me it could be so great to play it on a portable machine (such as a smartphone, a PSP or a NDS). A standard PC is too "huge" and need to much energy for such a "small" game. In fact, I have no money to buy a Small PC or a smartphone to play it (like you).
written by Pokecat on Aug 01, 2015 02:04
I would love to play it on my 3DS, in 3D. But the controls need to be reworked to be able to play fluidly.
written by Cryoburner on Aug 05, 2015 05:29
Noctis would have to be reprogrammed from the ground up to run on the 3DS. An x86 DOS emulator just isn't going to run well enough on the 3DS architecture. And of course, 3D rendering would require a reprogram, especially since the simulator's graphics engine made use of some rendering optimizations that might not look right in 3D. And if you're going to reprogram it, you'd might as well make it a Noctis sequel rather than just a port.

A noctis-style exploration game on the 3DS could be cool though, and the controls could easily be made better than the originals. The circle pad could be used for directional movement, and the stylus to look around, with buttons to activate other functions.

As for Noctis emulated on portable devices, I tested it in a DOS emulator on an android tablet a while back, and it ran like a slideshow, at about one frame every several seconds. : P Much like with the 3DS, Noctis won't emulate all that well on ARM architecture. You would either have to wait until such devices get fast enough to just brute-force the inefficient emulation, or perhaps try it a device with an Intel-compatible chipset.
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