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written by Tackeart on Feb 02, 2015 21:40
I've been a Noctis fan for a very, very long while, but have never been able to get the account thing to work properly until now.
Not much to say about me- Moderately fast typer, fan of War Thunder, No Man's Sky, and countless other games, universal username, etc. In short, o/
written by Chad on Feb 04, 2015 19:35

Great to have a new one.

I'm also looking forward to No Man's Sky, looks great!
written by Cryoburner on Feb 06, 2015 01:43
Greetings Tackeart!

Kind of off-topic but related to fast typing, I've been playing some Words For Evil this last week, which is a typing/vocabulary type game with some RPG elements. The equipment/advancement side of things feels a bit underdeveloped, and your party just follows a linear path from one encounter to the next, but it's an interesting little game, playing a bit like a word search, where you quickly form words from a grid of random letters to activate attacks and abilities.
written by Kristos on Feb 07, 2015 17:34
Hi fellow Noctis fan.

Like many others, I was brought here by "Noctis".

Most of my interaction with this site in the past was related to Alex's programming language "L.in.oleum". I was working on libraries and software in that language. I still use it occasionally for mathematical and graphical experiments.

I participated in the ongoing roleplay "Paranoia" (in the "Forum Games" forum) for a while, but now I mostly just lurk in the shadows. (I'm having health problems and I've lost a lot of my energy and will.)
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. /../greetings, i am tackeart/ 1
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