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written by Calfeggs on Jun 29, 2015 23:02
Hello. First off I want to ask if this forum is dead or not- could I be the last star drifter? But then my big question is about the inbox. I got a 2014 version and tried to upload it through my ship's built in computer, but it says it's invalid or corrupt. Not sure why. But if I got Noctis IV+ just the other day, shouldn't it be decently up to date anyway?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 30, 2015 09:12
Both Alex and Megagun, the maintainers respectively of Noctis IV and Noctis IV+ archives, have been absent from the forums for quite a while so there hasn't been the opportunity to update the game files.
Sorry for the inconvenience, people over here are still willing to help anyway.

The error message is unexpected since every single inbox that I've produced has been tested before being published,
If you didn't name any object and haven't added any note to the guide, the fastest and safest way for you is to substitute the starmap files entirely rather than update them.

Follow the instructions in this message to download the starmap and guide or the latest inbox, as well as an alternative program to the standard INBOX module.

Let us know how it goes.
written by Calfeggs on Jun 30, 2015 15:36
Actually I got it to work, now my trouble is with noctismapper. I'm running noctis off of a program called Boxer on my mac, so the paths are a bit wonky. I can't quite get it to work. But now I should have the new starmap data, it took a long time to update in the game.
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written by Neuzd on Jun 30, 2015 16:17
Yes updating the starmap via the Inox module does take a long time.

To use NoctisMapper simply have it pointing at the Noctis data folder, by modifying the noctismapper.ini.
The basedir property should look something like:
I will have a look at this boxer app, as it does indeed sound an interesting solution for playing on mac, anyway I supposed that your Noctis folder is lying in your mac's filesystem, Noctismapper is a java program, you can (and should) run it natively.
written by Calfeggs on Jun 30, 2015 16:34
It's kind of like winewrapper. It's actually made for DOS games, so you have to run the noctis.exe module, but it runs quite well for me on my macbook pro.

I think the problem with the directory is that the game's data is wrapped up in a boxer file, which is recognized by my computer as an app. I can easily look into it though, and I did try and use the path to the data inside of the boxer app, but no such luck. On a mac, where should the path start? Still users? I'll have to try that.
written by Calfeggs on Jun 30, 2015 16:39
Here, I'll show you my path then, but I still get the starmap2.bin: cannot access file error. It is in the data folder that I'm using. Here is my path;
Users/joshuasmith/Desktop/Noctis/Noctis Plus/Noctis Plus.boxer/C.harddisk/noctispl/data

the Noctis Plus.boxer is the boxer wrapper, and the C.harddisk is where the wrapper stores the game.

Okay, I tried a few different paths and it still won't work. The actual mapper program is in a file in data. Should I have the program itself in data? I tried it but it still didn't work. This is rather puzzling.
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written by Neuzd on Jun 30, 2015 17:00
NoctisMapper can be anywhere since the path to the is absolute,
Anyway, you should also download the latest version of starmap2.bin which has ALL coordinates except for 6 systems which have proven to be exceptionally hard to find.
cd/zips/Neuzd/starmap2 (467 Kb)

Verify that the path you worte in noctismapper.ini starts with a /
basedir=/Users/joshuasmith/Desktop/Noctis/Noctis Plus/Noctis Plus.boxer/C.harddisk/noctispl/data
When I'm home later I can see how this boxer app works, still I believe it shouldn't affect running noctismapper.

If you still have problems, ignore your Noctis installation and edit the basedir property of noctismapper.ini to point at the location of starmap2.bin (for instance in the noctismapper folder).
In fact noctismapper shouldn't require anything else to work, and actually doesn't do agod job when you make it read starmap and guide entries, so you better avoid that.

Screw that, I get <1fps...
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written by Calfeggs on Jul 01, 2015 00:11
Okay finally got it to work with the new starmap. Thanks. Now can I add my own star systems to the map or no? And you may have to mess with the settings. I made it optimize for newer games and I set the CPU to maximum.
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written by Neuzd on Jul 01, 2015 08:38
Sure you can, that's the whole point of having an updated starmap and guide.
Don't rush it though, there aren't many other outboxes waiting to be processed. so take your time, explore the galaxy and when you feel you have labeled a good amount of objects and wrote plenty and exhaustive notes, compile your outbox and send it through the Feedback form.
written by Calfeggs on Jul 02, 2015 03:48
Okay, sounds like a plan.
written by Dexters on Jun 19, 2016 17:23
What's the procedure to send in updated outboxes for inclusion inboxes?

It's been many years since I last played and It's no longer clear who is updating it.
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written by Neuzd on Jun 19, 2016 17:29
Use the FEEDBACK menu button, attach your outbox and there's no need to do anything else, especially DO NOT uncheck the "mail copies to" checkboxes, as I'm the one who's updating the starmap and as a moderator, I need to know when the files are sent in.

I believe an update to the starmap will be imminent as soon as I receive your submission. Since the last update, a couple of years ago I believe, only 2 files have been sent in.
written by Dexters on Jun 19, 2016 21:35
ok thanks for the information. I am still exploring a new system. will send it in when im done. hope it won't be too long.
written by Eggofawesome on Aug 13, 2016 20:35
As the thread is called "Noctis IV+ and the inbox" I think this would be a good place to ask as any.

I installed noctis a while ago, but for some reason all stars and planets are unknown. I've never once seen a named planet/star and the GOES screen is useless as the inbox won't update. The link says it should freeze but I get a white box flash for half a second and then... nothing. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Aug 14, 2016 00:21
The first thing I would verify is that the main Noctis' database files are intact.
They're contained in the "data" folder and are named STARMAP.BIN and GUIDE.BIN.

Next, you can try using the SL command on the GOES console.
It should output a list of all the already named systems....or something like that (it's been a long time).

If you need the most recent official version of those files, you can download them here: cd/zips/Neuzd/data_2014_03 (1273 Kb)
Put those in the "data" folder in the Noctis directory and tell us how it goes.
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