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going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Aug 02, 2015 01:58
I'm going to mention this, and then I am going to walk away... very, very quickly.


"My Stomach Hurts!"

mumbles to self: "random mass of gargantuan hacks...random mass of gargantuan hacks...random mass of garga..."
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Aug 02, 2015 02:42
I guess I've got to learn to play the flute, then.
written by Raptorjedi on Aug 02, 2015 18:08
Nice reference L4.

I dislike these things. For one, it's impossible to tell. For another, each time someone brings this up there is an entirely different set of reasons to explain why we ARE a simulation. In this one, it's "Aliens exist" in others it's "They don't exist". They pick some part of our reality, and point at it and go "That right there is why we are a simulation!" It's all just conjecture and solipsism on a larger scale and not one fragment of science is actually being done.
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Aug 03, 2015 20:31
[The point of the cartoon above. Whenever Charlie Brown would hear something totally stupid said (usually by Lucy), he'd say "My stomach hurts!"]

You are correct, RJ. The entire discussion seems to be based upon providing a set of conditions which imuo are mutually inclusive and but they make them collectively exhaustive.[Did I say that right???]

The set of conditions they should be using are

1) When hens grow teeth

2) When pigs fly

3) When cows jump over the moon

4) Occurring only on the twelfth of never

The "Civilization"-type games weren't exactly stimulating to me. I would hope that a more advanced life form would find something better to do with eternity...demi-gods shouldn't need "entertainment."

In short, as far as the universe being a fake:

"Come on, dear. Wake up, dear."
"Come on, dear."
"So it was all a dream!"
"No, dear, this is the dream.
You're still in the cell."

of course, i don't actually exist
written by Cryoburner on Aug 05, 2015 02:15
Raptorjedi said:
It's all just conjecture and solipsism on a larger scale and not one fragment of science is actually being done.
It can make for an interesting thought experiment though, to help people be open to ideas outside the established norms. Just because modern science says that a particular aspect of our universe is "likely true" doesn't mean that it is without a doubt true. Scientists should be open to the possibility that the laws and theories of the universe might not always be correct, and that there could potentially be other mechanisms at play that could alter them in some scenarios. Science does not have anything resembling a solid guess at what the universe actually is, so hypotheses like these can be a welcome way to keep them open to various possibilities.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Aug 07, 2015 11:10
I love this stuff. The idea that nothing matters because it doesn't exist can be kind of comforting. Kind of makes things paradoxically more important.
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