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written by Logicalerror on Aug 09, 2015 16:52
I sometimes have trouble with my stardrifter not heading, or headint too slowly, towards planets after I start fine approach. One of the two statuses in the title are always present when I have this issue.
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written by Neuzd on Aug 09, 2015 17:31
If I'm not mistaken there's a "system reset" function that could help in these situations.
If that doesn't help, have a look at the distance of your local target. If it's especially high the SD will take a long time to "heat up" (sorry I forgot what the HUD says), maybe even resulting in staying like that until all LI+ is emptied (trying to go the last 2 objects in the Kahdeon Alpha system, does something like this).
[EDIT] In these situations travel is of course impossible.
written by Logicalerror on Aug 09, 2015 22:12
I have more issues with close planets (i.e. <0.5 dyam) than with far. I generally try system reset wbut it doesn't seem to help much.'
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written by Skinnymon on Aug 10, 2015 18:11
May seem like a dumb question, but are you in a S08 system?

Slowness between worlds seems to be a normal state of affairs in those. Some kind of "gravity vortex" thing...

written by Logicalerror on Aug 14, 2015 19:34
that actually makes sense. maybe it was the star being extra mass-y.

The speeds got down to <0.01 dyam/sec so that's a feature on a whole different level...'
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