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written by Oxydeous on Aug 31, 2015 14:41
I am running NI CE v11 I believe, on a Windows 8 64 bit laptop. It runs perfectly, only issue is the only exe I can open is the DWNoctis exe, the others are not compatible as they are the original dos versions. DWNoctis runs smoothly, except that I cannot fullscreen it. I added --fullscreen to the path on a shortcut and it says I need Directx 7, which I believe is only compatible with Win2000. I also tried running the DWNoctis_fullscreen.bat, but it just does the same thing, it tries to run it in --fullscreen but it brings up the directx message then crashes. Dosbox is also incredibly slow, and I'm having difficulty getting a VirtualBox set up. Anything I could do with the original exes or anything I can do to get the windows version full screened?
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written by Megagun on Sep 07, 2015 18:48
I don't think there's anything you can do to get it running in fullscreen, sorry. I tried various compatibility modes as some other tools that are capable of hooking into DirectX and DirectDraw calls, but they just don't seem to work. I'm on Windows 10 though.

The best you can do perhaps is to lower your screen resolution and play in a window.
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. /../Some assistance on fullscreen?/ 1
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