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written by Silvercoon on Jul 08, 2016 03:27
Has anyone tried NOCTIS on a 64-bit system? I get a 'Segmentation Fault', Is this a bug in DB64?
I've found that by setting core=normal the message goes away - but I've yet to find a good cycles setting this time. I found a post on another site that said since Noctis 4 doesn't have sound, you can turn off any sound options in the DB conf to allow the CPU to focus on the rest of the program.
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written by Captain critical on Aug 03, 2016 01:58
I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying but I have a 64 bit system and I'm running Noctis perfectly fine in DosBox Daum. I just set the CPU to dynamic, maximize my cycles, and the game runs fine.
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written by Skinnymon on Aug 08, 2016 20:36
Actually I was conducting some testing of NIV/NIV+ using DosBox SVN Daum some months back, in the hope that it would provide some sort of solution to the 64-bit problem with running Noctis, for those occasional new members who ask.

I was getting fairly good results but, given my troglodyte-like computer knowledge, I was mainly experimenting with the DosBox settings (since I have no idea what any of the settings do, I confess) to get those results and then had to take notes to remember what I did. Since I actually spend little time on this computer with Windows 7 for anything but Internet access, and what with the other fun and festivities of daily so-called life, I pretty much did diddly-squat with the project.

And so, now I see that the DosBox SVN Daum fully works??? (And may the spirit of Parsis be with Captain Critical for telling me what the settings should be!!!) I must affirm that the DosBox SVN Daum does indeed work quite well. Though it does seem a bit slow compared with the lightning speed I get using my WinXP. bet you never thought you would see "lightning speed" and "WinXP" in the same sentence! What I mean is, it is about the same speed as using a 386. Or isn't that normal for DosBox?

"GO" don't go in DosBox, I knew that long ago. Using Noctis.exe directly from the modules folder worked, though there was no writing to the current.bin file. Same old 3 gram start up each time. Applying "Bailing Wire and Chewing Gum" theory, I put the Noctis.exe module directly in the main NIVplus folder. Well, that wrote to the current.bin and even allowed pictures to be saved. I still had some trouble with accessing some features[modules]. But I was not able to use, for example, the ST module. I moved the module to the main NIVplus folder also. That works. I guess that the problem is with accessing subfolders for the .exe files?

I'm not terribly pleased with the full screen display- I mean, you know I'm used to the pixelated graphics in Noctis, but not large blurry pixelated graphics. My eyesight is blurry enough (being very nearsighted) but I don't need virtual reality blurring. The smaller screen display is like playing Noctis at 320x200. I guess it's back to Troglodyting the DosBox controls for me.

But at least the pictures come out nice and clear.

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written by Trad.a on Aug 11, 2016 17:11
Oh wow this is interesting. So the graphics were too sharp?

Imagine Noctis in VR.
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written by Skinnymon on Aug 11, 2016 17:51
shhhhhhh! you'll ruin Alex's big surprise!

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written by Skinnymon on Aug 15, 2016 20:25
OK now, after a bit of Troglodytizationing I came to a conclusion that the screen problem had to do with my video output setting (the default setting on my machine comes up as Direct3D and I switched it to OpenGL and that cleared things up) and with a bit of frumpling of the Scaler settings it looks good on full screen.

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