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written by Hedonicflux~~ on Sep 23, 2016 20:35
Hello Fottifoh. Long-time fan. You've been one of the greater inspirations in my life. Several years ago a friend introduced me to Noctis and I fell in love. Then I discovered Crystal Pixels and loved it even more. I symapthize with your depressive void, and with the story behind it. Twice I've been through dark periods of deep despair and existential crisis, the second time far worse than the first, and the light at the end of the second was bright and beautiful.

A little about who I am. I write--political commentary, social theory, posthumanism--I'm a political activist--participating in last April's Democracy Spring civil disobedience action where 1300 of us were arrested at the capitol demanding an end to money's influence on politics and a restoring of free and fair elections for all, now I'm a permanent member involved in a local chapter--visual artist (art can be found here), and game developer currently working on the first meager assets for a Descent-inspired 6DoF game, the summary of the design document which can be found here.

I have a blog which I just started to be found here, covering anything from my social/posthumanist theories to grassroots revolutionary movements to anything I'm interested in or thinking about. Feel free to take a look.

Again, it's great to become part of this community and I hope we can form a meaningful relationship.
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written by Skinnymon on Sep 24, 2016 01:35
Well, it would be remiss if you did not get a welcome with a

That being said, it must be remarked that Alex "comes and goes like the wind" around here, right now it's "goes." But be patient, he'll be back.

lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Sep 30, 2016 05:17
Huh... welcome, of course, of course... um... sorry for the delayed answer, I wasn't checking in here often because... I tend to not come here unless I have plans to improve the place in some way, that is, unless I've got something meaningful to bring here. I should probably come more often just to say hello.

Yaycks! That's sort of your resume?

Looks like that of a pretty active person, and that's awesome! I'm lacking motivation, inspiration and activity myself, but as long as you feel alive, keep feeling alive, I know by direct experience it's ugly to get apathetic, emotionally detached and questioning the meaning of life and weird useless stuff like that...
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