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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Nov 04, 2016 19:00
Well I made these:

They're Starfleet commbadges, I mean... they're PROP REPLICAS of the commbadges used on the show in the fictional 2370's (i.e. the Voyager/First Contact era) of the prime timeline (not that I consider the second one as existing at all, but just to clarify). I know you can buy replicas which are identical to originals from roddenberry.com, but aside that they're like $20 a piece (and I needed 8), I wished to try and reproduce them myself, my own way. They should also make for better Christmas gifts because... well, the recipients might appreciate the personal effort (2 hours of work per piece) in putting them together. I'll package them along with a PVC showcase (also self-built):

Each of them has a 2-cents coin glued to their back so it can stick to an (included) neodymium magnet, just in case someone wished to actually wear the badge. They're made of thermoplastic (cut with the cutter, then slightly bent under a heat gun), and colored in acrylic paint, then given a layer of protective coating. The silver-gray portion inside the delta is protected by a thick glossy layer of epoxy resin. The thin frame around the "delta" is a real copper frame (1-mm copper wire). The showcase is made of expanded PVC.

I'm posting to give an idea to anyone else not knowing what to buy or make as a Christmas gift, 'cos I think they were a good idea. Nerdy, maybe, but since I'm giving them to main relatives and friends, once everyone is a nerd, nobody is...

um... no, it's unlikely this post will spoil the surprise, 'cos I'm pretty sure none of the recipients reads this site anyway.
written by Eggofawesome on Nov 09, 2016 21:11
That's a pretty cool idea you've got there, how much did it cost you in total?
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 02, 2016 07:11
That's a good question as I'm not sure I remember the exact cost of all that was needed, but I can try approximating. Let's see... there was the expanded PVC sheet, which might have been 6 euros. Or perhaps 9. Either of the two. Then there were acrylic colors, both found in larger-than-needed amounts and costing 8,20 euros each (so 16,40 total), but you can probably save a lot if you find smaller jars of them, or a more convenient price because I think the store I bought them from was selling them fairly overpriced. And another 9 euros for the epoxy resin. Oh, and 2 euros for each pair of small button-sized neodymium magnets, making for another 16 euros (8x2). So, let's see... might be between 50 and 53 euros. No, wait, there's the copper wire as well: I bought two coils, 7 meters long each, so I'd spare one of them for further experiments, but a single one would be more than enough, and that'd make for another 7 euros (1 euro per meter, apparently), bringing the grand total to between 57 and 60. Oh, and the superglue to attach the copper wire to the rest of the "delta", which was probably around 4 euros. So... betwen 61 and 65.
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