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written by Neuzd on Jun 06, 2017 14:44
Our tireless Rear Admiral Skinnymon has been at it again, and he brings us good news from the darkest of voids, in the form of parsis coordinates of 4 systems that still look to be "unfindable" by Triceratops.

This brings the systems without parsis coordinates to only FOUR, one of which is the very anomalous anomaly WESTOS.
The others are
- WHAT THE HELL? whose name might already imply an anomaly.
- NO LUCK, same as above, but parsis are written in the GUIDE, though there's nothing probably there.
- LISTA 297 might be the only one that can effectively be somewhere...?

Anyway, GOESXNET has been updated as well as cd/zips/Neuzd/starmap2 (467 Kb)
Thanks Skinnymon, a true legend of the galaxy!
: D
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going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Jun 08, 2017 15:58
From: Rear Admiral Skinnymon
on the SD Litterbox
out here somewhere in the Feltyrion Galaxy
(near a S08 star that looks like a S09)

Thank you for your appreciation. Actually I was drawn to these stars because their coordinates were listed as NULL;;NULL;;NULL. It required a bit of detective work, but VOIDNESS and SHINIPEL were actually quite close. SOTETI II was not very distant. AS12311313 was in a different area, but since it was part of a "series", it also was pinned down to a particular area. Even though all of them were at the galaxy fringe.

WESTOS is a Grid star and a COREL and the first thing that pops up on the HUD when something goes wrong in the stardrifter. WESTOS is the plague of the Feltyrion Galaxy.

LISTA 297, since I "discovered" it, is still a puzzle. I'm afraid it is just a bit too "beyond the pale" at the galaxy fringe somehow. It should exist, but not where I thought I left it. A COREL did show up, as you recall. But that was nowhere near the area.

NO LUCK and WHAT THE HELL? might just be like LISTA 297. Not where they should be. The investigation is ongoing.

Let's not forget to mention ".................... " the unsearchable star. (There is a S11 with an equally "cute" name, but that's searchable.)

are you guys having fun with NMS still?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Sep 05, 2017 13:22
Sadly, I have to correct myself.
It's been a long time since I designed the database and I forgot how I decided to handle the missing data.

Basically there are others systems still "unfindable" by Triceratops.
Here's the complete list, one of these, ARGELY, is a new system and Triceratops might be able to catch it because I made the last scan with a limited range (for time reasons).

going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Sep 06, 2017 16:28
The original remaining stars (first four) had coordinates of NULL;;NULL;;NULL.

The "new" (including ARGELY?) stars have coodinates of 0;;0;;0

My three remaining brain cells thought was it has something to do with being outside the galactic limits (i.e., out of range when you can target the star).

But that's what I get for doing my own thinking. ARGELY at least may not be such a case. Perhaps it is a null star like NO LUCK or WHAT THE HELL?

(As I say LISTA 297 may be just a case of out of range. WESTOS, as we all know, is a star spawn of Lithium Eaters!)

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