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written by Oberothton on Jul 18, 2017 14:17
Hello, Alex!

Somewhat new player here (forum account is brand new but I've been playing for much longer), and I'm still out there and still exploring! Though I'm becoming increasingly frustrated because, for a while now, I've noticed that my planets are completely inconsistent. The terrain changes often, and other than planet types and (usually) names, the planetary features I find rarely match the database on http://www.neuzd.org/noctis/GOESXNET/index.php, and I still don't know how to access the ingame console on Windows without throwing up an error.
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written by Neuzd on Jul 18, 2017 15:05
By the description of your experiences I assume you're playing NICE, and indeed the informations you find on the GOESXNET website are extracted from the starmap and guide of standard NoctisIV (or NoctisIV+, since the galaxy/terrain generation hasn't been touched in this *slightly* enhanced version), so they will not match. The reason is that NICE had a different terrain generation engine so it needed its own specific set of documents.

The type of frustration you talk about is exactly the reason I switched to regular NoctisIV as sson as I could years and years ago, and that made me decide to focus my efforts for the starmap updates solely on NoctisIV.

Having NIV running on modern machines is becoming more difficult every year. The best option seems to be OS emulation.
written by Ucnahez on Jul 31, 2017 16:32
After trying huge list of dosbox options I chose simplest way to run NIV - bootable USB with freeDOS and pure Noctis.

Of course I have to reboot my computer to play Noctis, but it is not difficult.
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