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r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on May 25, 2018 16:22
For a project at work I had to start looking into drawing 3d graphics in a browser and the simplicity of three.js made me think it was time to see if NoctisMapper could be "updated".


t=x is the type of star, from 0 to 11, if you omit it, the system will try to draw every single star and it is extremely slow.

I don't know when I'll have the time to link it to GOESXNET (now it reads data from a file, obviously extracted from the same sources) or when I can improve it with proper controls and star names, view centering and all of that as well as improving performance.

As of now there's basically nothing but simple camera movements: left drag is rotation, right drag is pan and wheel is zoom.

If anyone wants to look into it, the source code is easily accessible.
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written by Megagun on Jun 01, 2018 09:59
Very cool

It's actually reasonably fast for me, even when displaying all stars, even on a rather old graphics card. I'm using Google Chrome 67, though; it's a lot slower in Firefox.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 01, 2018 13:56
Yes actually when I got home that day and tried it on my iMac it was super smooth.
(Yes I'm saying I did it during my -non existent- spare time at work).

The sluggishness is definittely a problem with firefox as I just tried Chrome and while still a little slow , it is comfortably within the range of "acceptable performance".
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written by Speeder on Jun 01, 2018 16:33
It shows only explored stars... or the generator really create all those rat pathways between clusters?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 01, 2018 16:47
Of course it's only explored stars, there are something like 80 billion stars in the galaxy.

As with everything else in Noctis, the galaxy generation has its quirkyness.
While looking at the map (and Noctismapper is still a better "navigator") the grid for example is a most peculiar feature.
You can't miss it.
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written by Megagun on Jun 02, 2018 20:41
Hey, you mind if I use this data and this idea for a project I've been working on? I could parse the starmap2 data directly, but having access to a .json like this makes things a tad easier. I also don't really know where I can get the latest starmap2.bin (I must be looking in the wrong places)

EDIT: I found the starmap2.bin file in your CDisk, and managed to parse it.
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r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jun 03, 2018 03:01
Remember about the Y parsis being negative if you plan to use your own parsed data.
Maybe confront a triplet with one from my json as they're already transformed how the Noctis engine renders them in-game.

That said, do absolutely everything you like with the code and data.
written by Kolaskolas on Jun 23, 2018 21:50
That's really cool! I love webGL. The performance is pretty acceptable on my system even when set to draw every star, on Firefox 52 / Debian.
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