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written by Caelestis on Nov 29, 2018 03:40
This forum seems rather inactive, but I'm trying this anyway. Hi guys. I'm a new person. Got here from an article on obscuritory.com about one of fottifoh's games and this place was pretty neat so i made an account. i'm from Louisiana- er, i mean off-brand florida- and i like cats. so yes that is all, thank you friends :-)
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Nov 29, 2018 08:45
It's always nice to see that Noctis keeps on charming people around the globe.

Welcome to the slumber zone.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Nov 29, 2018 12:45
Neuzd said:
Welcome to the slumber zone.
But I just woke up!
written by Caelestis on Nov 30, 2018 08:03
thanks for the welcome this is a bit different from other forums i've been on so i will go lurk now...
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