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written by Ryan on Sep 10, 2021 16:25
Always really cool to see new projects from you, Alex. (:

I've just signed up at 80.style. I love the interface design, particularly the choice of nostalgic colour schemes.

I don't know if I'll have much to post, but we'll see (I guess I could post my games there or something...?)

I think it would be nice to have more discovery features beyond the "most recent" lists. Maybe the ability to bookmark (ugh, follow?) other users to receive notifications of new posts when logged in?

Looking great so far though! (:
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 16, 2021 01:50
egh... sorry... thought nobody else would write about this for a while, then the "while" passed while I was trying to do other stuff and...


oh well, key shortcuts... there's Ctrl-S to save a page (both while typing a new one, and editing), and Ctrl-E to quit editing (in which case, changes remain in "suspended" state, not saved to the server but still present in the device's localstorage entry for that page), then there's Ctrl-Q to discard changes (including from the device's memory).

Yep, it'd be nice to have Ctrl-left/right to move word by word, I *also* rely on that, I guess I just didn't have enough will to implement those, but they will likely be in, before or later.

And um... the fact that un-hiding a draft doesn't send it to the new pages' list was a willful choice to make it so when I'd publish something made of SEVERAL pages (like, 200 images in a comic book), it wouldn't "spam" the list. But maybe I'd better devise something more specific for those circumstances, and have single drafts be added to the list as normal.

Oh, Ryan, I'm glad at least someone could appreciate the weird retro interface.

You can post about anything, it's not meant to be hosting blogs restricted to certain topics.

Sorry again, I'm distracted, significantly affected by apathy, and the whole thing is an attempt to fight exactly that: the "nothing" it'd leave behind. There's that kind of confession among the entries of my "memory store", in fact.

But I still love you all, wish to make that clear. Despite all this lack of involvement. I'm not letting everything go on purpose, or because I've got something against anyone... it's just depression.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Dec 16, 2021 04:51
Depression is a mindfuck. No pressure to interact with us. I appreciate when you do, but I don't feel bad if you don't. I imagine everyone else here feels the same.

Thanks for answering my questions!
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 16, 2021 09:36
Poh! that's the least I could do, after leaving those questions unread, here, for months, as per my usual incoherent behavior, on itself aggravated - if not caused entirely - by the said mindfuck.
written by Cryoburner on Dec 27, 2021 04:15
Alex said:
I've whispered this in the chat, but I guess I'd better make it clearer... it's not that anynowhere's going down very soon anyway. It's not that... like... I've set a fixed budget to keep it alive for another month or something like that. I'll shut it down only when we're all pretty much done with whatever we'd like to take from here. Among which there's Postline's source code and database dumps, so I mean, in theory, someone could even think of setting up a mirror, though it'd be quite a lot of work, but in theory... everything's possible.
Hi Alex? : D

I was going to respond to this before, but was away for a few days when it was first posted, and you seemed to disappear again for some months thereafter. >_> I did go through the new site at that time, and found it interesting, though it doesn't really seem like a successor to Postline, generally serving a different purpose.

Personally, I think it would be nice to see Postline stick around, even if the forum has become rather quiet. I'm not a fan of seeing web communities disappear off the Internet, particularly when one plans to continue operating a site in their place. I could see the reasoning if you didn't want to pay for hosting it anymore, but it sounds like you would still be operating the server, just with a different site. If Postline is not actually using much of the server's resources, or adding much to operational costs, I don't really see the point of taking it down. And from a maintenance perspective, a mostly quiet site doesn't take much to moderate, and the uniqueness of the forum engine has largely prevented spam bots from becoming a problem. Even if security eventually became a concern, it could likely be relegated to read-only status, which would be better than nothing.

I suppose Postline can feel a bit like your exploration games. A quiet pocket universe with potentially interesting things to be found for those who choose to explore it.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 27, 2021 23:33
Umm... no, I wouldn't operate this server anymore if I shut it down, it serves only one other purpose (an old client-server business application which nobody likely uses anymore, and for which they don't pay me anymore anyway, so if they're still using it from time to time they can even... egh... off). BUT, that said, there's another matter with keeping this server up to date. Originally, it was a long-term support, but support has expired since a while now, I should at least update the server to a newer version of the whole LAMP stack, and that's... man, annoying, especially if something breaks down and I have to dig back into Postline's code.

If the suggestion would be that of hosting Postline alongside the 80.style server software, it'd also bring along the said Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP stack, with its whole potential attack surface. 80.style has a custom server integrating the DB engine, caches, logs, document root, scripting, and all it needs. It's self-contained, and the sole known software running there is a recent Debian 10 LTS and an up-to-date version of NodeJS, with the relevant JS code being my own production (and thus, unknown to bot and random exploits).

In a nutshell, it'd be... um... a little more painful to keep this site running. That being said, if someone wants to take the hassle of hosting an exact replica, I don't oppose the idea but the keeper of the replica would be on his/her own. I can even pass the domain on, since now I'm liking the simple "80.style" better.

Oh, by the way, we had a first "victim" of 80.style's lack of word-wrap, I took the occasion to add a long note to the post, which sounded promising at least as I was typing it. Then go figure when I'll effectively wrap my mind around moving on with something... anything. I'm still pretty confused and apathetic most of the time. Don't mind me too much, this time of the year brings bad weather and the closing of a year (even in terms of my birthday on December 30th), I'm always a little more depressed than usual, these days.

post with note:

oh, p.s. as the note mentions, and IF I can find some freaking will to do something, then the new site will definitely be given more functionality. It is at least envisioned to consent comments (in real time, too, a la Disqus), and possibly to integrate such discussions with chats on specific and/or random topics, which could even happen, one day, in a sort of virtual space rendered by that little simple wireframe engine I had put together in HTML+canvas. Sort of enhanced Crystal Pixel-like environments, reminiscent of the idea of virtual reality as it was often depicted in the 80's, could become just random places to explore, integrated as portions of the screen in the text-based interface. I have something like that floating in the back of my mind, and it's a persistent idea, though I never find enough interest to make it real.

p.p.s. the demo I had here for that wireframe engine... except I'd make it a little brighter and more comfortable to use...

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written by Ucnahez on Jan 16, 2022 22:50
This thing looks cute, not as cute as anynowhere, though, there are some other sites on web with 8-bit computer interface, but there are no another alive such 2000-style site as this one.
Although, with even first glance it's very beatiutiful.

But I have only one question - is there will remain outbox upload form? Or goesnet officially will be dead adter anynowhere retirement?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jan 17, 2022 14:04
Well, there hasn't been a single outbox uploaded in 4 and a half years. The system mapping isn't "officially" dead but, you see, there's no interest left anywhere for the project.
written by Chad on Jan 26, 2022 00:31
Ah snap, forgot my password to the site.

Any chance to change or update it?
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Mar 09, 2022 10:57
That's pretty hard.
I'd have to search for your record in the database (it doesn't have an "explorer" for the DB, like here), and manually type in a new hash for a password that I'd then send you via PM.

I *can* do it, but not every day.
So please take care of those passwords. I'd like the policy to be "if you lose it, you lose it all". I know it's harsh, but... um... it's 80-style?
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Mar 09, 2022 11:15
Also, for those who may not read the chat frame up there: we've got comments (notes) and an everlongtalk about anything, on 80.style, from today on.

If it holds, that is...
The comments system is hierarchical (replies are indented up to 6 levels) and "real time", which means you can see new comments and replies being notified as you watch.

It's a sort of clone of disqus, maybe.
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